Get your meals and drinks sorted before you fly with an All Inclusive holiday to Antigua.

Beaches by the bucketload

Antigua’s been nicknamed the land of 365 beaches – so there’s one for every day of the year. Pick any All Inclusive hotel here, and chances are, it’ll be cuddled up next to some sand. There’s a really mixed bunch on offer – from buzzy stretches brimming with rum shacks, to secluded coves with nothing but palm trees for company.

Caribbean colours

It’s not just the beaches that give Antigua its classic Caribbean good looks. The capital – St Johns – has had a pastel-hued paint job, and the island’s other towns have followed suit. Even the rum shacks chip in, with menus packed with orange rum punch, blue Hawaiian-style cocktails and yellow mango daquiris.

English influences

As a former British colony, Antigua’s brimming with reminders of home. There’s the English Harbour, for starters – it’s as quaint as they come, and was a Royal Navy base for around 200 years. And the similarities don’t stop there – the island’s mad about cricket, hotels dish up traditional afternoon tea, and everyone drives on the left.

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