Amalfi holidays take you worlds away from the daily grind, where everything revolves around picture-perfect Italian beaches and instagram-worthy mountains.

Laidback Italy

If relaxing with a bit of shopping, sightseeing and wine tasting's up your street, you'll instantly fall for Amalfi. Located in the province of Salerno in south-west Italy, the striking coastline it sits on easily won its spot on a UNESCO list. Wander the quaint cobbled streets, stopping at quaint patisseries for tasty cannolis – flute-shaped pastries filled with ricotta cream.

Historic haven

The 13th-century Cloister of Paradise is tucked inside the Cathedral of St Andrew, and it's one of the town's most-visited tourist spots. For the best local scenery, head to the falls at Valle delle Ferriere, a 20-minute drive from Amalfi. Eagled-eyed visitors will notice the ruins of an old paper mill amid the nature-packed scenery.

Gourmet plates

Savour an authentic Italian margherita, and your local takeaway pizza will never taste the same again. Seafood fans will adore the local swordfish – it comes grilled and smothered with a generous helping of garlic butter. A cheeky lunchtime ravioli is a must in between sunbathing sessions.

Neighbouring islands

The best way to get a decent view of Amalfi's postcard-worthy scenery is to go by boat along the coast to Positano. A trip to Capri's a top pick too, especially if you want to get your Italian fashion fix. The island's posh Piazzetta Square is home to a huge array of designer boutiques.

At a Glance

  • Soak up the natural sights of the Amalfi Coast
  • Sample some seafood at a harbourside eatery
  • Hop over to Capri for a spot of luxe shopping