El Jobo holidays are spot on for lazy days in the sun, with some classic Costa Rican wildlife thrown in.

Secluded seaside

Mother Nature did a great job with El Jobo. For the most part, her work’s been left untouched. This teeny tiny fishing village is home to a hunky beach and a hotel. And they’re both good’uns. The hotel’s part of the ultra-fancy Dreams Resorts & Spas family, while the beach is nice ‘n’ sleepy. It could be because it’s all tucked away in Costa Rica’s north-west corner.

Buff beach

El Jobo’s beach really works its caramel complexion. And it matches that with calm waters and a forest backdrop. While some parts are people-free, it’s not short on wildlife. Monkeys hang out in the trees and you might spot the odd iguana or two. There’s a pint-sized bar on hand. Or you can head north to a completely cut-off cove.

Get your greens

If you need a top-up of green, there are plenty of national parks nearby. Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge is a 20-minute drive away. Or you can add another 30 to reach even bigger Santa Rosa National Park. Both are packed to the rafters with forest trails and animals. Plus, a couple of tour operators have set up camp down on the beach, so you can sign up for stuff like windsurfing, zip-lining and horse riding.

At a Glance

  • Look out for monkeys on the beach
  • Pull on your hiking boots at a national park
  • Head out into the countryside on horseback