Holidays to Gibraltar celebrate all your favourite British home comforts – but with more beaches and better weather.

Great British break

Holidays to Gibraltar are the ultimate reel of Britain’s best bits. Shop fronts here are filled with famous faces from England’s high streets. And bars and pubs are loaded up with your favourite tipples on tap. Plus, it’s perched on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, which means your home comforts all come without the worry of typical British weather.

Half a dozen beaches

Gibraltar’s got six beaches to its name, either side of the Rock. No, not Dwayne Johnson, but a massive limestone formation that marks the southern tip of Europe. Sandy stretches sit on the east side, while those on the west are a bit more rugged and rocky. For all-day-long sunshine head to Eastern Bay. It’s the biggest beach of the bunch and unlike some of the others, it doesn’t sit in the Rock’s shadows. Camp Bay’s another great choice for beachgoers. It’s got a pair of sea-facing pools, crystal-clear waters, and a sunken shipwreck that give it certified snorkelling spot status.

Trips to the top of the Rock

The iconic Rock of Gibraltar sums up a lot of the best bits about this island. A cable car takes trips to the top and lands you on a spot that’s 412 meters above sea level. This is where the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet for some wow-worthy sights and the Rif Mountains of North Africa muscle their way in for good measure. Expect to meet some of the Rock’s residents on your trip up here, too – it’s the place the Barbary macaques call home, and these cute little monkeys are the only ones native to Europe. Head up first thing, or late in the evening, for a better shot at seeing them. Beneath the surface, meanwhile, you can explore a 34-mile maze of war-time tunnels – it’s twice the size of Gibraltar’s road network.

At a Glance

  • Snorkel around a shipwreck on Camp Bay
  • Spot the cheeky Barbary macaques at the top of the Rock
  • Hit the shops on Main Street