Kokkini Hani holidays are as traditionally Greek as souvlaki skewers with a side of ouzo.

Stripped-back charm

This place is by no means a sun-seeking staple, but instead plies its trade as an under-the-radar option. You’ll see tell-tale signs of its fishing-focused past, and the beach gets a lot of love, too. When the time comes for something with a little more tempo, one of Crete’s premier towns – Heraklion – is 15 minutes’ drive away.

Stellar sands

Crete’s north coast is peppered with sandy beaches, ranging from thimble-sized pockets to XXL strips. There’s a Blue Flag number bolted onto the shoreline in Kokkini Hani, which is ideal for lazy tanning days. A modest portion of beach bars and restaurants are waiting in the wings behind the waterfront, and there’s more sunbathing space on the neighbouring sand and shingle stretch in Vathianos Kampos.

Sights, sharks and slides

Historic sites are Crete’s bread and butter, and Kokkini Hani isn’t one to rock the boat. You can visit ancient Minoan ruins close to the waterfront, and the well-preserved Palace of Knossos is only a short hop away. Archaeological museums are the cherry on the cake. Turn your attention to modern-day attractions, and a couple of front-runners nose ahead of the pack. There’s a waterpark five minutes’ drive away, and an aquarium in nearby Gournes.

At a Glance

  • Take a daytrip to Heraklion
  • Recline on a Blue Flag stretch
  • Visit one of Crete’s top aquariums

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