The something-for-everyone beach rules the roost on Lambi holidays, but daytrips to Kos Town and Turkey are on the cards, too.

Crowd-pleasing beach

Lambi’s nestled in the north-eastern corner of Kos. Its beach is a blend of sand and shingle, and this is where all the action’s at. Spilling out from Kos Town’s ferry terminal, it kicks things off with a family-friendly, swim-safe section. This bit’s packed with loungers and backed by tavernas and pubs. Further north, things get a little wilder. We’re talking olive trees, flowers, and windsurfer-friendly waves.

On your bike

Lambi’s beach is edged with handy cycle lanes, so it’s easy to pedal your way around. Tingaki village’s white-sand stretch is just a 20-minute spin away. Plus, the historical sights of Kos Town are 10 minutes away on two wheels. You’ve got a crop of Roman ruins, and a massive Medieval castle crowns the lot. After dark, you can swap your bike for a cab and head into Kos Town to hit the clubs.

Turkey trips

When it comes to countries, you’ve got a two-for-one deal in Lambi. Hop on a ferry at Kos Town’s terminal, and you’ll be whisked away to Turkey’s Bodrum Town in just 20 minutes. Spend a day wandering its cobbled streets, exploring the 14th-century castle – complete with spooky dungeons and neck-craning towers – or seeing a sunken shipwreck in the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. If you don’t fancy making the trip, you can take in Turkish views from the comfort of your lounger on Lambi Beach.

At a Glance

  • Try windsurfing on Lambi Beach
  • Pedal your way to Kos Town
  • Sample seafood at a sand-side eatery