Limassol holidays are slotted together like a classic game of Tetris. Old-school sightseeing fits seamlessly with lazy afternoons on the beach and evenings painting the town red.


Limassol’s like the Swiss Army knife of cities, with a little something to suit everyone’s needs. It’s punched into the southern coast of Cyprus, which means beaches that deserve your attention. Foodies, meanwhile, come for the trademark meze, and vino lovers get the corks popping at the annual Wine Festival of Cyprus. There’s plenty to say for the nightlife, too. Catamaran parties get things started in the day, and Saripolou Square’s like a magnet for young crowds after dark.

Blue Flag flurry

As ancient cities go, Limassol cemented a spot early as the largest port in Cyprus. And the record’s not been changed since – the harbour’s still one of the most important and well-frequented in the Mediterranean today. It’s not all hustle and bustle along the waterfront, though. The pretty marina’s got a Blue Flag to its name, and its multi-coloured lights twinkle across the bay at night. Keep following the coastline east, and four scoops of tree-lined sand keep the Blue Flag baton moving along.

Throwback sites

Cyprus sucks in a wide range of tourists, and there’s no shortage of time-worn attractions for the culture-lovers in their ranks. Limassol, delivers history and culture in the form of old military fortifications and cared-for archaeological sites. Richard the Lionheart married his queen at Limassol Castle, near the old harbour. Head away from the historical centre, and the strip of surrounding countryside comes up trumps with 13th-century Kolossi Castle.

Lakes and landscapes

When city living’s not hogging the schedule, the surrounding scenery gets a chance to strut its stuff. The island’s spine’s dominated by the craggy Troodos Mountains, where winding trails lead to far-removed monasteries and photo-friendly viewpoints. Look a little closer to Limassol, and Cyprus’ biggest landlocked body of water comes into view. This salt lake’s home to one of the Med’s most vibrant wetlands, where thousands of wading birds take a breather during migration season.

At a Glance

  • Visit long-standing Limassol Castle
  • Stroll along the Blue Flag marina
  • Have a night out in Saripolou Square