Lucea holidays see-saw between laidback and lively. Think historic sites and sands that cover the peace and quiet quota, plus big-ticket resorts a short hop away.

Classic Caribbean sands

Jamaica and white-sand beaches go together like Usain Bolt and sprinting, or Bob Marley and reggae. Lucea works from the same template, with sunbathing territory that’s as peaceful as it is pretty. And thanks to the reputation of its luxury-driven coastal counterparts, it’s still fluttering below the tourist radar.

Heaps of history

If you thought this place was just about the beaches, you’re way off. It’s sprinkled with more 18th-century sights than most guidebooks can handle, including the battlements and cannons of mighty Fort Charlotte. The Lucea Parish Church is another member of the history club, along with the Hanover Museum, which is set in a former prison. Theres's also the handsome Lucea Courthouse and clocktower, which came a century later.

Notable neighbours

Lucea’s secluded spot on Jamaica’s north coast puts it between a pair of tried-and-tested tourist veterans. To the west, Negril’s Seven Mile Beach is like royalty in the sun-seeking game. It’s got a buzzy bar scene to back things up after dark, and an appearance in a James Bond flick to add to its CV. Spin on your heel, and Montego Bay’s the second slice of bread to sandwich Lucea. Live music rings around the resort of an evening, and the beaches fit the tropical bill and then some.

At a Glance

  • Nose around historic Fort Charlotte
  • Chill out on dove-white sands
  • Take a daytrip to Montego Bay

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