On Marigot Bay holidays, you're let in on one of St Lucia's best-kept secrets.

Slow and scenic

As far as Caribbean scenery goes, this place has it nailed. Marigot Bay is a finger-shaped scoop taken from St Lucia’s west coast, between Castries and the lofty Piton Mountains. It’s dodged the tourist spotlight for the most part, so the steep hillsides are still covered in tropical greenery. A few modern hotels have cottoned on to the picturesque plot, and have pitched up close to the waterfront, but the peaceful vibe still wins through.

Sun, sand and shopping

To the north, the island’s capital is on hand to raise the tempo whenever you’re ready. Hop in a car, and a 30-minute drive gets you to multi-coloured Castries. It’s the island’s main port, so you’ll see whopping cruise liners docking, ready for passengers to peruse the market stalls and old-school architecture. And when you’re not bagging bargains, the smooth sands of La Toc Beach tick all the sunbathing boxes.

Mega mountains

Because all eyes are on the water in Marigot Bay, it’s a top dollar spot for heading out on a boat trip. Catamarans and private yachts are regular visitors to the bay, and you can hop aboard a sightseeing sailboat for a jaunt to St Lucia’s billboard attraction – the Piton Mountains. These twin peaks, which rise way into the sky, are the pick of the natural best bits, and the views from the water trump a trip on dry land.

At a Glance

  • Eat dinner at a bayside restaurant
  • Take a boat trip to see the Piton Mountains
  • Visit hidden-away coves