Holidays to Obzor, on Bulgaria's southeast coast, offer up a calm, friendly vibe that plays especially well to families. The waves are gentle, there are dinosaurs in the park – and there's a restaurant shaped like a ship on the beach.

Ancient getaway

Around 1,000 years ago, Obzor was called Sun City and Roman emperors came here to get away from it all in the summer. Some things don’t change, and today this resort on Bulgaria’s southeast coast is still pulling in the punters with its laid-back vibe and sandy beach.

A long, sandy beach

Backed by the Stara Planina Mountains, Obzor’s beach is a Black Sea beauty spot. You’ve got 10 kilometres of golden sand here which shelves gently into clear, paddle-friendly waters. And there’s a walkway along the stretch, which sets you up with cafés and hotel bars when you need them.

Small and charming

Obzor’s a small place so you don’t have to work hard to get round the place. The centrepiece of the town is the smart square with its fountain and clocktower and a little park next door. You’ll pick up on the friendly vibe as you wander around, particularly at the family-run restaurants.

Coastal day trips

About 15 minutes’ drive north gets you to the good-looking coastal town of Byala. It’s a good spot for sitting at one of the harbour-side restaurants with a glass of the local wine. About 10 minutes the opposite way and you’re at Cape Ermine – the place deals up a lighthouse, abandoned monastery and what’s left of an old fortress.

At a Glance

  • Get sporty on Obzor's beach
  • Have dinner on the main square
  • Have a chilled night out in Obzor