Olbia Holidays bag you a brilliant base – this place puts top-rated beaches and a string of sights right on your doorstep.

Holidays to Olbia

Olbia takes a premier position on Sardinia’s east coast – this part of the island’s a big hit when it comes to holidays, thanks to a coastline that looks like it’s been cut from the Caribbean. The city sits right on the shoreline – its terracotta-topped buildings make way for a yacht-filled marina. It makes it super easy for getting out and about, with boats regularly making a beeline for Costa Smeralda’s seriously swanky coastal towns. Back on dry land, Olbia’s old town has held onto its charm, reworking its time-worn buildings to make a base for boutique shops and bars.

At a Glance

  • Wine and dine like a celeb in Porto Cervo
  • Wander the old town’s skinny streets
  • Grab yourself a sunbathing spot on Porto Istana Beach