Praia do Vau holidays showcase the Algarve at its most authentic, with friendly family-run restaurants and natural beauty on its doorstep.

Quiet life

Portugal's southern coast has long lured tourists from near and far, so it's refreshing to find a serene slice of it so close to larger towns. Praia do Vau's a sleepy village that likes to keep things local, from its handful of restaurants to its own little beach.

Seafront scene

The cliffs here do well to shutter the beach from busier nearby stretches, giving it an almost private feel. There are a few eateries nearby, but if you're yearning for that jolly-on-the-shore vibe, walk next door to Praia da Rocha – you can even stroll right out to sea at low tide.

Coastal trips

They don't call it Rock Beach for nothing. The region surrounding Praia da Rocha's famous for its dramatic sea cliffs, so book a boat tour to get a good look. If you prefer dry land, hop on the 45-minute bus to Lagos – home to shops and sights galore.

At a Glance

  • Check out the sandstone cliffs around Praia da Rocha
  • Soak in the serenity of the shore at low tide
  • Shop till you drop at nearby Lagos

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