Samos holidays are like a greatest hits of Greek culture. The scenery's picturesque, the food's super traditional and the history's as enticing as the sandy beaches.

One for history buffs

Age-old architecture and myths and legends are Samos’ bread and butter. This Aegean island’s packed to the rafters with ancient Greek bits and bobs, which makes package holidays more than just a fly and flop affair. It’s the birthplace of the mathematician Pythagoras and the goddess Hera – the surviving columns of the Temple of Hera can still be seen today. Elsewhere, vast olive groves are punctuated by regular reminders of ancient times – ranging from the Eupalino Tunnel to the ruins of an ancient theatre.

Peaks and pebbles

As holiday destinations go, Samos is one of the runaway winners when it comes to seafront scenery. Pick any of the island’s pebbled beaches, and the image will contain petite whitewashed villas, patchy green mountainsides and a token fishing boat or two. They’re ideal for a dose of peace and quiet, even during the summer months. Dainty coves take precedence on the north coast, while the south-side haunts stretch their legs out along the shores of the Aegean Sea. Sandy numbers like Psili Ammos elbow their way in here and there, too.

True Greek

Some places try to cater for every Tom, Dick and Harry’s favourite thing, but the island of Samos sticks to what it knows best. Music-led Greek nights are a staple fixture during any up-tempo evening, particularly in Samos Town and Pythagorion. The latter of the two’s got a terracotta-fringed harbour that pulls in yachts and restaurant-goers like an oversized magnet.

At a Glance

  • Throw down a towel on Psili Ammos Beach
  • Delve into the Eupalino Tunnel
  • Eat meze at a seafront taverna

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