With a sprinkling of secluded beaches, waterfalls and worthy coastal excursions, holidays to Karlovasi are a dose of Greek enchantment.

Colourful coast

Set on the northern shore of Greece's Samos Island, Karlovasi's a peaceful town of terracotta-roofed houses and seaside tavernas, all backed by steep tree-covered hills. The surrounding coast's also dotted with hidden coves and scenic waterfalls –‌ many of them only accessible by foot.

Divine site

Take a tour around Karlovasi's cluster of churches –‌ a legacy of the four small hamlets that once stood separate before merging in to one town. The grandest of the religious buildings here is certainly Agios Nikolaos, located at the end of a long tree-lined path.

Chasing waterfalls

Just outside town, the Potami Waterfalls can be reached by following a one-kilometre trail. It'll lead you through a forest, over rocks and rickety stairs – you'll even wade through a waist-deep stream. The reward for this adventurous trek's an unforgettable view and a dip in the cool lake that sparkles beneath the falls.

Capital sights

Samos Town, the island's capital, is just a 45-minute drive along the coast. Set off early to spend the whole day there – starting with the town's sweet-smelling bakeries. Wander around the markets, or just head straight to Samos' Blue Flag beach. As the sun sinks, sit on the sand and watch lights glitter across the water.

At a Glance

  • Discover secluded coves along the waterfront
  • Marvel at the Agios Nikolaos church
  • Spend the day at action-packed Samos Town

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