San Pantaleo holidays mean eating al fresco, then exploring the sapphire waters and diamond sands of the Emerald Coast.

Peaceful Pantaleo

A quaint inland village, San Pantaleo's a poster child for rural Sardinia. Gap-toothed peaks form the backdrop for bustling weekly markets, where locals and tourists alike haggle for works of art. To treat your taste buds, try some delectable local nosh from a traditional trattoria.

Sardinian strolling

This part of island Italy's seriously diverse. Throw on your fanciest garb for a daytrip to glamorous Porto Cervo – a luxury resort popular with high-rollers – or ride a ferry to the deserted beaches and turquoise lagoons of the Maddalena archipelago. In late July, let your hair down and your feet fly at the annual San Pantaleo folklore festival.

Silver screen seas

The fun doesn't stop at the shoreline. Skip down the Emerald Coast for spots to water-ski, surf the waves or just splash in for a paddle. You might recognize the rocky outcroppings around San Pantaleo from the 007 film, The Spy Who Loved Me.

At a Glance

  • Haggle for authentic souvenirs at the local market
  • Lounge on picture-perfect sands
  • Grab a delicious slice of Zuppa Gallurese casserole