Perched on the Sorrentine Peninsula's rugged coastal cliffs, Sant'Agnello holidays take you to a hotspot of public gardens and historic monuments.

Superbly placed Sant'Agnello

While the days away with Italian clifftop views overlooking the Gulf of Naples in Sant'Agnello, a quieter sibling to nearby Sorrento. A place of weathered hills and sweeping vistas, it's easy to find blissed-out retreats and higher pace hangouts of all flavours – beachy, leafy, urban and everything in between.

Sumptuous Sorrento

The train to Sorrento takes only two minutes. Sip local limoncello as you look out over the Bay of Naples, or grab a shot of grappa from a tourist-friendly bar. There are lots of memorable moments to be had, like swimming beneath the arch of Bagni della Regina Giovanna.

Daytrips to Herculaneum

From Sant'Agnello station, it's a 45-minute train ride to Herculaneum. A casualty of the famous Mount Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD, the ancient town's preserved under a thick coating of fossilised ash. Like big-brother Pompeii, most of the spooky skeletons have been moved to museums in nearby Naples.

Rivieran relaxation

Sink your toes into the volcanic sand-and-shingles of La Marinella, a unique beach with a retro feel. Accessed through a tunnel or by a lift, it's packed with sunloungers and shallow waters. Finish off a day of sandy bliss by digging in to homemade pasta at one of the town restaurants.

At a Glance

  • Lick creamy gelato on a volcanic beach
  • Admire the frescos in local churches
  • Drive along the world-famous Amalfi Coast