Thassos holidays are about as authentically Greek as you can get – luxurious beaches, lush countryside and some hard-hitting historical footprints.

Island retreat

The northernmost Greek island, Thassos is a place for being at one with nature while soaking up some traditional culture and history. Greet your neighbours with a cheerful 'yassas' – that's hello in Greek – before scoping out a spot at a family-run taverna for a cheeky glass of an anise-flavoured aperitif – AKA ouzo.

Step into the past

Thassos Town, the island's capital, has been the envy of squabbling empires through the ages – look out for Egyptian and Roman influences. Highlights include an acropolis and a Roman amphitheatre, and there’s a brilliant archaeological museum where you can admire hundreds of artefacts.

Green and gold

Going to Thassos is like stepping into a leafy green oil painting. It’s drenched in picturesque scenery, with olive groves, lush vineyards and gentle hills aplenty. It’s also home to top-quality beaches, where you can relax and take your holiday snaps – the most popular being Golden Beach.

Going underground

Limenaria is Thassos’ second-largest town. Nestled on the island’s west coast, it used to be the hub of Thassos’ mining industry. You'll see the old mining stations here, or you can take a tour of the tunnels below. The town's also got a sandy beach and plenty of places to go for a bite to eat.

At a Glance

  • Sample fresh seafood on Limenaria’s promenade
  • Visit the archaeological museum in Thassos Town
  • Sunbathe on Golden Beach

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