City breaks to Warsaw serve history on tap – cue castles, cathedrals and cobblestone streets.

Warsaw city breaks

As Poland’s capital – and biggest city – Warsaw has no trouble pulling in the punters when it comes to city breaks. And once you touch down here, you’ll soon see why. There’s a cobblestone old town to get lost in, a massive string of historic sites to eye up, and a food scene that will tickle everyone’s tastebuds. As for your nature fix, you’ve got bison-roamed forests and library-quiet lakes within daytripping distance.

Old town charm

Warsaw’s old town was almost entirely reconstructed after World War Two, and it’s since been given UNESCO’s stamp of approval. There are old city walls to toddle around, medieval tombs to ogle, and candy-hued houses to snap photos of. Plus, if you’re into your history, don’t miss The Royal Castle. It’s plonked right in the centre of things, and shows off everything from garden mazes to original Rembrandt paintings.

New town sights

Contrary to its name, Warsaw’s new town dates all the way back to the 14th century. And, just like the old town, big chunks of it were painstakingly rebuilt after the war. A trot around the streets that jot off the Market Square will throw up sights like Baroque-style churches and old palaces. Plus, this area’s up to its elbows in restaurants – including a smattering of traditional Polish joints.

Dreamy daytrips

If you like your city breaks with a side of nature, there’s another reason to love Warsaw – it’s just a few hours’ drive from some of Poland’s best beauty spots. The Great Masurian Lake District is one of them. This massive blanket of forest and farmland’s scattered with lakes, like sprinkles on a birthday cake. Then, there’s the Białowieża Forest – a UNESCO-stamped woodland that endangered European bison call home.

At a Glance

  • Eye up original Rembrandt paintings in The Royal Castle
  • Snap photos of pastel-hued houses in Old Town Square
  • Stomp around the UNESCO-stamped Białowieża Forest