Dominican Republic is the perfect place here to quench your need for some Vitamin D and top up on time in the sun. A link on the Caribbean island necklace, Dom Rep is the second largest and most diverse Caribbean island in the clan. This speck on the map is far from small, boasting nearly 1000 miles of coastline and bragging 250 miles of the world’s top beaches. Feeling tempted? Here are the deets for when’s the best time to jump on a jet and get down to the Dom Rep beat…

    Best time for rain haters

    The Dominican Republic’s climates are pretty consistent throughout the year, boasting toasty temps of approx. 26 degrees, 365 days a year. But if you want to bask under uninterrupted rays, then grab your sunnies and sunblock and aim for December – February. If you don’t fancy packing your brollies, then steer clear of holidaying on the Caribbean gem between May and October. These months see on average 59 inches of rainfall, kick starting humid wellie-wearing weather. This climate means there’s less to do outside, but if the rainy season doesn’t faze you, then pamper your time away in hotel spas. Our fave is the Breathless Spa by Pevonia at the Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa, where fancy treatments like caviar and pearl facials are on the menu. Meanwhile, hurricane season lies conveniently within tourist off-season, which is typically between June and November.


    Best time for festival fans

    The Dominican Republic has a rep for being the festival capital of the Caribbean and can sure show us a thing or two when it comes to celebrations. They reserve the entire month of February for Carnival, a huge festival that celebrates the Dom Rep’s independence from Haiti in 1844. Street parties flood the entire island every Sunday of the month, ending in a massive all-night bash along the seafront with floats, processions and plenty of partying.

    July and August, meanwhile, host the Festival de Merengue that celebrates the history of this Dominican dance. Party all night to the thrill of the merengue that flows from colmados – corner shops by day, bars by night. And if you need a boost of energy for the round-the-clock boogying, take a pit stop and refuel at one of the many food stalls dotted along the streets which serve traditional grub.


    Best time for nature lovers

    Dom Rep has an impressive pick and mix of flora and fauna. Climb cloud-tickling mountain ranges, wade waist-high through tangled mangrove forests, or bob about in bathtub-warm lagoons. Plus, there’s chances to chill under the El Limon waterfall torrents, or soar superman-style down ziplines for a spot of exotic bird spotting.And, for nature after-dark, November and March is prime time to keep your eyes peeled for hawksbill green and leatherback turtles shuffling up the beaches to lay their eggs.


    Decided on Dom Rep? Get the dates in your diary and book your All Inclusive holiday now. Plus, for more of where that came from, check out when’s the best time to visit St Lucia.