Check in to a beach hotel

Most of our hotels in Kos rock right up to a beach. Kardamena lays out a couple of kilometres of the sandy stuff. And Kos Town squirrels away a beach by the Medieval city walls. Marmari, meanwhile, stars one of the best beaches on the island — and one of the quietest.

Take a dip in a natural spa

Kos has a bit of geothermal activity going on. Paradise Beach pairs postcard-pretty sand dunes with a fizzing seabed. And Thermes goes the whole hog and serves up full-on hot springs hugged by rocky outcrops.

Go souvenir shopping in Turkey

You heard that right — the bazaars of Turkey are just a 20-minute boat ride away from Kos. Fancy sticking a little closer to home? Take a turn through the big market in Kos Town. Honeypots, volcanic keyrings and island wine stock the stalls.

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