Four-star hotels, sandy beaches and postcard-pretty houses are part and parcel of a luxury break to Lindos, in Rhodes.

Stylish hotels

The luxury hotels in Lindos are a good-looking bunch. Take the Lindos Hotel and Suites. Spend your nights here, and you’ll get smart poolside terraces and al fresco bars. And wherever you stay, you can’t get away from the views. Some hotels overlook the beach, others spy the sea, and some peer up at the hilltop Acropolis of Lindos.

Lindos village

Lindos has been courting the rich for a few millennia. You’ll find a grand acropolis, temples and Byzantine churches in town. Even the simple whitewashed streets have stamps of the mega-rich merchants who set up shop here in the 16th and 17th centuries. Watch out for Gothic mansions with Byzantine and Moorish details inspired by the wealthy captains’ travels.

Daytrips to Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town is only an hour’s drive away from Lindos. It’s the capital of this Greek Island, so expect ancient palaces, boutique shops and fancy restaurants.

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