Holidays to Flic en Flac mean tropical beach vibes, postcard views and Instagram-worthy fusion food.

Picture-perfect coast

Flic en Flac knocks it out of the park in terms of scenery, dishing out turquoise waters, white sand and an Indian Ocean panorama as far as you can see. There’s also the odd mountain or three muscling in on the action, plus pods of dolphins that play off-shore.

Laidback beach life

The beach here's one of the longest and most beautiful on the island. It stretches out for eight kilometres and is edged by casurina trees. The waves break a good distance from the coastline, meaning the shallows are spot-on for swimming. If you’re really looking to rack up the tropical paradise points, track down Flic en Flac’s sheltered lagoon – it’s warm, calm and bordered by coral reefs.

A diver’s dream

Flic en Flac's reefs are top-notch, and some of the best dive sites on the island sit just off the shore. Whether a snorkel’s your best friend, or you fancy full-on scuba diving, you’ll find a rainbow of colour below the surface. Don’t miss out on the Rempart Serpent, a winding underwater rock around 15 minutes away from Flic en Flac by boat. It’s home to loads of stonefish, moray eels and scorpionfish.

Fusion food

Where the sand ends, the restaurants begin. Dotted along the seafront at Flic en Flac, you’ll find more types of cuisine than you can shake a stick at. There’s Indian, Thai, Chinese, Creole, European and everything in between. Try gateau piment – AKA chilli cakes – which are served hot and fresh by street vendors.

At a Glance

  • Swim in the turquoise-blue lagoon
  • Tuck into street food at a beachside bar
  • Spot the rare pink pigeon at Casela World of Adventures