A big dollop of island life is dished up on a Grenada holiday – this Caribbean island majors in shortbread-coloured beaches and tip-top scuba diving.

Cocktails and chocolate in the capital

It’s tropical central in Grenada. This Caribbean island’s all sugar-fine sandy beaches, monkey-freckled rainforests and buckets of fresh seafood. The capital of St George’s has nabbed an ace spot on the west coast. Here, you can hop-scotch between harbour-side cocktail bars, a chocolate museum where you can scoff local treats, and a bee-hive-buzzy market where the fruit smoothies are a must-try.

An underwater world of statues

The island’s home to one of the world’s most awesome scuba diving sites. The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park shows off loads of statues on the ocean floor – and it’s super eerie. All of the sculptures are moulded from real people, and some are tucked away in rocky crevices or buried under sand. They’re there to provide a home for underwater residents and attract sea creatures, sponges and corals.

Monkey overload

Hire a car and go on the hunt for loads more wow-factor nature across the island. Zip into the hilly rainforests that make up the backbone of Grenada and you’ll likely spy teeny mona monkeys, which were brought over by traders from Africa. If you don’t want the full shebang of rainforest hiking, you can also spot them in the tourist-friendly Grand Etang National Park – it’s a 25-minute drive from St George’s.

At a Glance

  • Dive to see underwater sculptures
  • Sip spiced rum and coconut water
  • Nibble locally made choccies

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