Ischia holidays take you to a peaceful island loaded with thermal springs, panoramic mountain views and scores of sandy beaches.

Legendary spa

A hotspot for healing since forever, the medicinal spas on this Campanian island in southern Italy are of mythical proportions. In addition to the public baths, thermal springs flow naturally along the volcanic beach that's chock-a-block with restorative minerals.

Beaches aplenty

Whether you fancy a sandy beach with water warmed by the hot springs, a craggy cove for snorkelling or the usual deal of sunloungers and parasols, Ischia's got it all. Finish the perfect day with dinner at a nearby restaurant that can set up your table right on the sand.

Wine wonderland

Wine's been made on Ischia for almost three millennia – its ancient name, Enaria, means 'land of vines'. Today those same vines drip from every corner of Italy's Mount Epomeo. The Biancolello grape's an Ischia exclusive – this white variety makes up almost half the island's wine production.

At a Glance

  • Sip on wine with a millennia-old reputation
  • Dip in the waters at a medicinal spa
  • Witness the world-renowned beauty of the Amalfi Coast