Holidays to Marina di Ugento mean sapphire waters, some of Italy's tastiest food and bird-watching walks through local nature parks.

Southern delicacies

With over 800 kilometres of turquoise coastline, Marina di Ugento feels downright tropical. Freshly baked pizza and the chill of creamy gelato, however, will remind you that you’re square in the heel of Italy's boot – its tip nearly touches Greece, so expect influences from across the water.

Country sights and city lights

In the nearby town of Gallipoli, there's an old town for history buffs as well as contemporary alternatives to antique churches and cobblestone streets. If you're a nature-lover, head to Litorale di Ugento Nature Park for a chance to spot migrating birds and local wildlife.

Sibling rivalry, village-style

Torre San Giovanni's the big brother of two coastal villages here. Modern architecture stands next to 100-year-old buildings, coffee shops fill the sun-bleached streets and traditional restaurants plate up fresh seafood. Little sister Torre Mozza proves that the quiet ones can be full of surprises – the 16th-century watchtower-turned-hotel is bizarre and beautiful enough to earn a place on your social media feed.

At a Glance

  • Bask on the scenic beaches of southern Italy
  • Take a stroll through old-world villages
  • Snack on fresh seafood with coastal views