Holidays to Perama make Greek living a breeze, with beaches close at hand and the capital only a quick drive away.

Middle ground

Despite being 10 minutes away from Corfu's capital in the Ionian Islands, in Greece, Perama has firmly held on to its cosy village feel, with a small collection of seaside restaurants, bars and shops. Its central east-coast location means you're within an hour's drive from any spot on the island.

Cultural hub

The island capital's just a 10-minute drive away, so there's no excuse not to head over to Corfu Town's chic shops, museums and galleries. If you're a history buff, release your inner Indiana Jones by exploring the 16th-century temple-like walls of the New Fortress down by the sea.

Everest of Corfu

Those who are tough enough can go for a hike up Agii Deka, the island's second-highest peak. The trailhead's west of Perama and the summit's nearly 600 metres up, but the views are well worth it once you're at the top. If you're psyched for more, tackle the mightier Mount Pantokrator further north.

At a Glance

  • Hike Perama's scenic hillside trails
  • Visit Corfu Town's famous 16th-century fortress
  • View the sea from one of the village restaurants