Dishing up moon-like landscapes and oodles of gorgeous beaches, Boa Vista holidays are all about kicking back.

Sun-swept sand

The island of Boa Vista’s the crème de la crème of Cape Verde. Like the rest of the archipelago, it’s anchored off the coast of West Africa, and the whole place has been dusted like a cake with sugar-fine white sand. Beyond the tropical coastline, swish hotels, sun-streaked dunes and salt flats set the scene inland.

Marine life

Scuba diving in Boa Vista’s water’s like plunging in to Finding Nemo. The reefs here look like mini underwater cities, with hundreds of different species of fish calling them home. Larger animals, like turtles and dolphins, are known to pop by every once in a while, too. And out on the open ocean, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for gentle giants like humpback whales.

Sal Rei

The island’s capital adds a helping of colour to the recipe. Bright pastel houses are all over the city, which also has a handful of incredible bays in its collection. Add this to the weekly markets and beachfront restaurants and you’ve got a winning spot for exploring.

At a Glance

  • Spread out and make sand angels on Santa Monica Beach
  • Cruise around the coast and look for whales
  • Rip around sand dunes on a quad bike

Best time to go to Boa Vista

Rain is rare in Boa Vista – the heavens open for just a few days a year. On average, it stays a toasty 26°C around the calendar, with August and September the hottest months. There’s no winter season as such, although it cools down a fraction from December to March.

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