Pizzo holidays live up to the traditional Italian rep. This chocolate-box town holds food and history close to its heart.

Old-style Italy

Pretty-as-a-picture Pizzo translates as ‘bird’s peak’, which is apt considering the town’s stacked on top of a cliff. Tucked away from tourists in Italy’s deep south, locals are still living ‘la dolce vita’, or the sweet life. And you can join them by pulling up a pew in the café-lined square, or sampling sweet treats that are an institution in this corner of Italy.

Belting beaches

On top of its beaut of a town centre, Pizzo's got a couple of sandy sweeps to holler about, too. The main action's on the clifftops, where terracotta-capped restaurants set up shop, and you'll have to follow the zig-zagging road down to sea level for the beaches. And when you get there you're looking at a couple of cosy coves and window-clear waters, with an easy-on-the-eye castle backdrop. For sands with a Caribbean feel to them, buzz along the coast to Tropea.

Food and history

Pizzo’s got a couple of claims to fame – one being tartufo. Picture a big ice-cream chocolate truffle, and you’re not far off. This gelato ball – which is dusted with cocoa powder and hazelnut – was dreamt up here, so you’ll find tonnes of cafés serving it. If history’s more your scene, head to the Church of Piedigrotta. This cave shrine was built by a father and son team to honour the Madonna.

At a Glance

  • Pick a beach to chill out on
  • Get your ice-cream fix in Piazza della Repubblica
  • Learn about the King of Naples’ grisly end at Murat Castle

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