Holidays to Pomorie dish out seaside vibes and ancient sights, all wrapped up in one of Bulgaria's best wine regions.

A seaside spot

Pomorie’s cluster of burnt-orange roofs and zigzagging streets are parked on a slim peninsula, so panoramic views of the Black Sea are pretty much everywhere you look. Its six-kilometre beach is lined with bars and seafood joints. There’s no skimping on history either – the town’s home to a 2nd Century antique beehive tomb. It’s 22 metres long, and the only one of its kind on the Bulgarian coast.

Lake Pomorie

This salty lagoon’s claim to fame lies in its mud. As well as being home to heaps of different birds – including rare and endangered species like ospreys – the clay on the banks of this briny bay is said to have healing properties. Pick your spot, slather on the sludge, and let the vitamins and minerals go to work.

Nearby Bourgas

Bourgas is often overshadowed by the bucket-and-spade set up at Sunny Beach. But this port city has a lot more to brag about than first meets the eye. There’s a sweep of sand stretching on for three kiometres, and it’s a really chilled out affair. You’ll also find some of Bulgaria’s best restaurants dotted along the seafront, serving up sizzling ceramic plates of freshly caught seafood. Plus, it’s got its own opera house, and a hearty helping of museums.

At a Glance

  • Lie back on a sandy beach
  • Go for a mudbath at Lake Pomorie
  • Visit the antique beehive tomb