Sidari holidays are a lively mix-and-match of home comforts and traditional Greek touches.

North coast character

Corfu Town hogs the headlines in the middle of the island and, in the south, Kavos rules supreme. Flick your gaze north, though, and Sidari gets its moment in the sun – quite literally in this case. It’s the best-prepped resort on Corfu’s top lip for the summer crowds, with waterparks and peaceful beaches for families and buzzing nightlife later on. What was once a snoozy fishing village is these days a veteran in the package holiday game.

So much sand

A big curve of sand and shingle cradles the seafront here. Sidari Beach has peaceful and pick-up-the-pace sections, with hotels and bars plonked along the shoreline. Watersports aficionados rip past the main beach on banana boats, and you can hire pedalos for more leisurely jaunts out to sea. Flitting across to neighbouring beaches is a doddle, too. Head east, and the cushion-like stretch at Roda soon comes into view. Kassiopi’s a little further along, with pebbles in place of sand, and some of the best swimming conditions about.

Dine and drink

The main strip in Sidari’s got its day and night game on point. Souvenir shops and taverna-style eateries keep beachgoers on their toes, and electric signs fizz into life when the last sunbathing orders are called. There’s tonnes of restaurants to pick from, with Mexican cantinas, Chinese places and steakhouses plying their trade. There are places flying the traditional blue and white flag, too, with Greek dancing and plate smashing to liven up dinnertime. Later on, a smattering of bars close to the main beach keep the party going until late.

Lucky in love

Sunbathing’s just the tip of the iceberg when you drill into Sidari’s beach scene. The Canal d’Amour’s just as much of an attention grabber as the watersports, thanks to the whispered legend that draws visitors in. It’s a cove-like, turquoise inlet which is seriously easy on the eye, and locals believe it’s lucky if you’re looking for romance. The name translates as Channel of Love, and swimming its length's said to be the recipe for a happy ever after.

At a Glance

  • Tuck into around-the-world cuisine
  • Sign up for watersports on the beach
  • Take a dip in the Canal d’Amour