Holidays to Tobago radiate Caribbean realness, whether you're devouring seafood on the beach or trekking through the rainforest.

Unspoiled nature

In the Caribbean Sea, Tobago's full of palm-fringed beaches, intricate coral reefs, traditional fishing villages and thick, thriving rainforest. In a place where the air is scented with sweet mango when the trees are heavy with fruit, a laidback, life-is-good vibe floats above the island.

Live like a local

Soaking up the local lifestyle's a breeze when you're in Tobago. Street vendors, beach restaurants, home-style cafés and roti huts serve up traditional and imaginative foods for locals and visitors alike – all that's left to do, is dig in.

Lush and wild

For a taste of nature at its best, head to the Main Ridge Forest Reserve rainforest in the north of the island. The oldest protected rainforest in the Caribbean, it has gasp-inducing mountain and valley views, plus first-class birdwatching. Hike to the Main Ridge lookout hut for a vista that reaches over Bloody Bay towards Sisters Rocks.

At a Glance

  • Tuck into curried crab and dumplings
  • Splash about in the turquoise Nylon Pool
  • Gaze over Rockly Bay from Fort King George

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