First-rate beach resorts

All of our All Inclusive hotels pull up to the beach. And this being Mauritius, you can expect super soft sands and luminous blue lagoons. The coastline is rugged thanks to a volcanic past, so big beaches are like gold dust. Belle Mare and Le Morne roll out long, sandy stretches, but most beaches are so small that you could wind up snagging one all for yourself.

Tropical backcountry

A supersized barrier reef lassoes Mauritius. Pair that with crystal-clear waters and Technicolor sea critters, and you’ve got scuba diving and snorkelling territory that levels up with the Maldives. Then there’s the interior — a tangled rainforest of gorges, waterfalls, hiking trails and volcanic mountains. For something a bit more sedate, try a rum tasting session at a distillery. You’ll spot them by the surrounding patchwork of sugar cane fields.

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