Holidays to Pisa give you more than just the chance to scribble a certain famous tower off your travel to-do list.

One-of-a-kind viewpoints

Pisa’s cuddled up to the banks of the River Arno in central Tuscany. And, it goes without saying that the city’s most famous A-lister is its Leaning Tower. It might be a little skew-whiff, but work’s been done to make sure it’s stable, and you can actually climb the 251 steps to the top. The tower offers up some of the best – and wonkiest – views around, so it’s definitely worth the thigh burn.

Piazzas and palaces

If you’re an architecture admirer, Pisa will be right up your street. The Leaning Tower shares its grassy square with the medieval Pisa Cathedral and the Romanesque Pisa Baptistery. Piazza del Duomo might steal most of the limelight, but toddle over to Knights’ Square, and you’ll clap eyes on another must-see. It’s home to Palazzo dei Cavalieri – an ornate palace that’s a throwback to the 16th century.

Beaches and bridges

If you fancy dodging the crowds, make a beeline for Pisa’s waterfront spots. A dawdle along the riverbank will take you past a dot-to-dot of historic sites and more earthy-coloured houses than you can shake a camera at. Plus, pizzerias and gelato parlours provide plenty of pit-stop opportunities. Or, hop in a cab and whizz over to the marina. Here, you can pair a seaside stroll with a stint on a pebble beach.

Old town shopping

Pisa’s old town packs in its fair share of historic sites, too – from 14th-century buildings to age-old arcades. You can ogle a few of them on a stroll along Borgo Stretto – one of the town’s most famous shopping spots. This skinny street’s chock-a-block with quaint cafés and fancy-pants stores. If you don’t want to splash cash on designer bits, you’ve got bookstores and souvenir shops to nosey around, as well.

At a Glance

  • Snap a selfie propping up the famous Leaning Tower
  • Hop between history-flooded piazzas
  • Get your gelato fix in a café by the Arno River