Santa Eulalia holidays shake things up by steering you away from the main drags. What you get here's a down-the-middle split of laidback and lively.

Packs a punch

Santa Eulalia just edges its way onto the podium when you weigh up Ibiza’s biggest towns. It’s diddy compared to San Antonio and Ibiza Town – a couple of the Balearic Islands' biggest hitters – but has more going on than next-door neighbour Es Cana. It’s home to historic sites, like the hilltop Puig de Missa church, and has a food and drink scene that’s built an upmarket reputation over the years.

Waterfront fun

The shoreline’s split into a couple of gently curving strips here, both of which are scattered with sand. The bottom of the two’s a smidge quieter, and has a tree-smothered hill that acts like a big bookend. Switch to the other sweep, and you’ll be brushing shoulders with sea-facing hotels and the town’s classy marina. This edge-of-the-bay spot’s heaving with luxury yachts, and the waterside walkways are home to equally swanky seafood places.

Multi-talented town

This place gets a lot of love for how adaptable it is. Families sign on the dotted line for its watersports, kid-friendly hotels and laidback atmosphere. But it gets a thumbs-up from the best-of-both crowd, too, who are after a toned-down take on Ibiza’s clubbing scene. They’re happy to join the beachgoers by day, and drift across to Calle San Vicente – also known as Restaurant Street – after dark to grab a pre-bar-hopping bite.

At a Glance

  • Grab dinner on Calle San Vicente
  • Check out the yacht-filled marina
  • Take a daytrip to Ibiza Town