Holidays to Santiago de Compostela are all about wandering biblical landmarks and discovering where the next bar-backed lane leads.

City breaks to Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela serves as the chequered flag for the legendary Camino de Santiago trail, which brings thousands of Christian pilgrims to visit its iconic cathedral every year. Known to be the burial place of James the Apostle, you don’t need to be a follower to feel a certain holiness here. But where the city marks the end of many travellers’ journeys, it’s UNESCO-backed old town also offers new beginnings when it comes to Galician architecture and a seafood-centred local cuisine. Neatly packed into one area, a whole day’s itinerary can be found within the zona monumental, which only takes 15 minutes to cross. Tick off the Monastery of San Martino Pinario contemporary art galleries and the famous Mercado de Abastos.

Rub shoulders with holy relics in the city’s Cathedral

Exploring Santiago de Compostela’s cathedral ranks highly on this city’s to-do list. It’s the landmark attraction here and thousands of people visit every year to climb the High Altar and kiss Santiago’s sacred cape to confess your sins – he’s said to have been one of the first apostles to die for Jesus.

At a Glance

  • Stroll a section of the Camino pilgrimage in the town centre
  • Taste Galicia’s famous tapas at its 150-year-old market
  • Shop for souvenir sculptures and silverware in Praza das Praterias

Best time to go to Santiago de Compostela

The best time to visit Santiago de Compostela is between March and May, when temperatures just below 20˚C make way for comfortable sightseeing. The heat jumps up during the summer months into the mid-20s and so do the crowds. You can expect the city to be busier between June and August when most people complete the pilgrimage to it's cathedral. Just so you know, rain showers are frequent all year round here. But if anywhere can spin this into a win, its Santiago de Compostela. The city shines in the wet, literally. Water runs down the streets so that its granite structures start to glisten.

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