Holidays to Washington D.C. land you in one of the most powerful cities on the map, where you’ll be in the same zip code as America’s president.

State sandwich

Washington D.C. is the all-important filling of a state sandwich – its tucked between Virginia and Maryland. This place takes things into its own hands – it doesn’t belong to either of its neighbouring states, making it the only stateless city in America. It’s got a slew of sights – The White House, The US Capitol Building and the National Mall make the headlines, but they don’t even scratch the surface of the must-see sights.

City breaks to Washington D.C.

The city‘s nicknamed the fittest city in the country – many of the main attractions are located nearby, which means you can rack up your step count on a city break to Washington D.C. A saunter down the National Mall will help you tick off some of America’s most famous faces – you’ve got The White House, The Lincoln Memorial and the African Art Museum along here. And you can head to a rooftop bar for a great shot of the city – buildings cannot be taller than the width of the street in these parts, so you’ve got an uninterrupted view of the skyline.

Culture cocktail

Washington D.C. has a cocktail of different cultures from right around the globe. The city’s Northwest district has got a large Ethiopian community and they’re joined by a whole host of Ethiopian restaurants. The dish of the day in this part of town is spicy stew – forget cutlery, you’ll have huge serving of injera bread to scoop your dinner up. Plus, there’s a stack-load of Salvadoran restaurants, too – the menus here marry up Mexican and Spanish-style dishes.

Jazz town

Jazz music provides the soundtrack to the city – some of the early origins of this type of music can be traced back to Washington D.C. There are plenty of places to catch a foot-tapping performance, but there’s one that tops the list – U Street. This place has it all – there’s everything from live theatre performances to intimate sets in offbeat bars. A catalogue of jazz festivals make their stamp on the city throughout the year, too.

At a Glance

  • Cross the border and make a move for Maryland
  • Grab a glimpse of The Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall
  • Scope out the east coast sea views in Virginia