Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar Don Pablo Collection

Not only does this place – voted one of TripAdvisor's top All Inclusive resorts – line up luxury suites, gourmet restaurants and a gigantic pool, it’s got a sandy beach as its front garden.

If there’s one word that fits this adults-only hotel, it’s luxury. It’s surrounded by lush gardens and is right on a white-sand beach, plus the bedrooms are all suites, with canopy beds and hydro-massage tubs.

There’s a huge pool, loads of sports and a trio of à la carte restaurants here. To top it all off, it’s a 3-for-1 deal – you get full run of the facilities at the Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro and the Punta Cana, next door.

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All Inclusive - Here's what you get


Ultra All Inclusive. Buffet meals. Unlimited à la carte dining for dinner - reservations required. Snacks. Room service. Butler service on request.


Ultra All Inclusive. Unlimited national and selected international brand alcoholic beverages and soft drinks - 24 hours.

Sports and Activities

All are included except where indicated.

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Outdoor pool

With pool towels, sunbeds and beach towel service.


One hour free per day.

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junior suite

Junior suite sleeps up to 3 with a ceiling fan, plasma TV, alarm clock and butler service. Wi-Fi is at a charge.

junior suite

Junior suite sleeps up to 3 - can be sold as a single - with ceiling fan, plasma TV, alarm clock and butler service. Wi-Fi is at a charge.

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Not a very good first impression

We just returned from this resort and were disappointed at our experience there. We travel each year at this same time and decided to try Dominican because we haven't been there before. The Bahia was highly recommended by friends and family, but our experience was not that enjoyable. We arrived Saturday afternoon 2pm and was told our room was not ready. We found the staff to be rude and not very helpful. They told us it would be ready in one hour. Ok, so we understand cleaning staff maybe was behind and that an hour was ok to wait for our room. Edward told us to wait "over there" and he would find us when room was ready. We didn't want to venture too far .At 315 we approached the front desk and were noticing a few unhappy guests were starting to form in front of the desk/staff. Edward was no where to be found. We then asked another staff member about our room and was told it's not ready. It would be an hour.. So we didn't get any wrist bands or anymore information. We decided to check out the resort but not go too far from lobby incase they called us. Of course still in our jeans, sweating in the 32degrees heat, we walked over to check out pool and amenities . We did find out our room number so decided to go over and check out that area and what the hold up was. When we approached 83 block we were surprised to see caution tape up and a man standing blocking the entrance. He told us we can't go in. "He had a good reason ". We asked why and he just repeated same comment. We walked away and I thought someone had died or there was an accident. We headed back to lobby, now 430. No further ahead but overheard the other disgruntled guests that no rooms were ready in block 83 because it wasn't completed.! We found out that the construction company didn't release hotel until 3pm and they were still trying to put things together. We were now getting upset because they didn't tell us the truth, they weren't upfront with us and just kept putting us off. If we would have known, we could have changed our clothes and start to enjoy holiday but we were patiently waiting to get our room. We finally got into our room at 630! And if they considered that ready, they were wrong. We had No toilet paper/ Kleenex, no towels, there was drywall dust everywhere. The mirrors had splattered with paint and drywall residue. It smelt like fresh drywall and paint. We tried to locate the staff in the hall way and a staff member was rude and told me she didn't speak any English but came to our room to scrape the drywall paint off the glass and mirrors and get paper products. Overall the resort was well manicured,and clean. Us we just had a bad first impression and it went downhill from there. The hallways was very noisy and the slamming of doors was heard all through the night. You could hear everythingMore

Deniseleclair, Barrie, Canada

Nice stay but guest services could use some improvements

We stayed at the Bahia principe Ambar 1 in Punta Cana in Nov 2014 and had a pretty good stay. The Ambar is an adults only section with more "luxury" amenities. U The good: - The resort is basically 4 or 5 resorts side by side and a new Ambar 2 had just opened up a week ago. We were offered to stay there but declined given it was farther from beach. Ambar 1 ended up being a little too quiet as activities were apparently diverted to the newer section. It is always beautiful & incredibly clean with immaculate grounds keeping by very hard working maintenance staff. - Transportation between the different resorts for visiting is easy as there are golf like carts passing by every 5 mins. - The room was nice (ours was building 69), comfortable and quiet as it was far enough from the lobby although the walls are paper thin. The rooms are bit too dark even with all lights on. Towel service is a bit choppy as they don't seem to get replaced at same time as room is cleaned. - The food selection is good enough and has something for everyone. The buffet area could be a little bigger to accommodate large crowds. The opening hours however are not early enough since on day of arrival we had to wait quite a while and hadn't had lunch. The "needs improvement": - Overall service was definitely a notch below in comparison to other all-inclusives we have stayed at (ie iberostars). Buffet often had no plates or glasses or had empty food dishes requiring you to wait around. Waiter service was not prompt enough and they didn't come around very often. You would often sit a table with incomplete cutlery and then have to wait for it. An item you requested with arrive sometimes half-way during your meal. They did sometimes remove plates however without asking and taking away items you were not finished with! At the pool, a waitress only came by once during a 7 day stay! You could stand in line at a bar only to be told it is closed or out of something. Towel exchange later in the day was sometimes out of clean towels until next day. Note: we were told by guests who come often that the opening of the new Ambar 2 was perhaps impacting service levels as more staff was being diverted there instead. - Other than select staff at the front desk, remaining staff struggled with basic functional English skills. Ordering basics like drinks etc took time but we managed through it. - You need to get up very early to have any shot of "reserving" chairs at either the beach or the pool (despite signs saying no reserving). This is an annoying "stress" while on vacation. And if you hovered too close to someone else's "reserved spot" for an iota of shade, people got territorial but this was difficult to avoid as the beach is very full. This is perhaps due further to the large number of people at the resort or incremental people coming from Ambar 2 now. - Booking dinners at the restaurants is a very lengthy and tiring experience requiring people to line up for over an hour at 3 guest service desks to find spots. You are told there are limited spots yet once there, the restaurants appear oddly empty. - Getting to the hotel upon arrival took longer than usual. There is a line at the airport to find out which bus takes you to your hotel, then the bus waits to fill up. The bus brings you to the Bavaro resort where you get off to wait for carts to bring you to Ambar. Guests shove luggage onto carts then clamour to jump on themselves. Ambar guests should be brought there directly especially if "luxury". Then you are brought into a room for a group check-in. This process takes a few hours and is much longer than other places we've been to. The "not so cool": - Be wary of an envelope slipped under your door telling you you've won a prize. It's basically a promotional scheme to sell you a time share type of deal. You are carted off to another location with many sales pitches going on simultaneously where you are met with 3 sequential sets of people who are increasingly pushy in selling to you. The last guy "quality control" was just simply not nice! For your 2 hours of time you get a beach bag and some towels. Time better spent if you wish to do something else. All in all, a nice stay with great weather but this resort could use some firming up on its guest servicing. Some general information on Punta Cana (not hotel): - Overall if felt like there was a lot more waiting time here from beginning to end than in other Carribean places. There are always a lot of lines and some people said this was much more than other times they had visited - Upon departure at airport, there were very long waiting lines to check in to flight, then again at security and again at "immigration" ; all perhaps due to the volume of people. For travelers who are either elderly or disabled, please consider getting wheelchair service as the waiting times are incredibly long and areas are not air-conditioned either.More

Soniaje, Montreal, Canada

Excelent place to rest and refill our energy!

I love the place! we went there on august... a little late for the review but didnt have time with life going so fast! so the hotel is : Clean a-1 service a-1 drinks we stayed at the ambar section quiet, no kids, cleanest place ive seen in a long time! first time ive seen employe never ask for tips!? that a sign of a great place. forget de bad comments and just enjoy your vacation!More

Math T,

Un fracaso épico en parte ....

I wanted to wait a while prior to reviewing our vacation at Ambar - because I did not want negative emotion to clutter the facts, (as in the two reviews by 2 UK’ers who apparently travelled half way around the world to be bathroom monitors). Nothing good is ever gained by shooting from the hip. So here goes: This is our fourth consecutive vacation at Ambar, (Nov 10 - 17), and I must say that I left feeling quite disturbed, disappointed – and in consideration of never returning. But, if you are reading this as a potential guest, then this conundrum needs clarity. The whole matter revolves around the new extension of the Ambar Resort – which was not supposed to open until January of 2015 – but opened in November 2014. I have been in the accommodation industry long enough to recognize a “push” - from a home office executroid - designed to gain market share, (and perhaps some profit), no matter what the cost. Such decisions leave the rank and file to manage, defend, and otherwise juggle details through myriad crises in what is tantamount to ‘induced labor’. The sum total of this was; that the new, incomplete, extension, (let’s call it Ambar #2), was given all the focus, inventory, and support staff at the direct expense of the original installation, (let’s call it Ambar #1). This means – por ejemplo - that the zumba classes, the water aerobics classes, and even the sound system disappeared from the Ambar #1 pool, and was given to Ambar #2. Other feature areas were notably short of the usual staff and entertainer complement as well. Be well aware that the level of service at Ambar #1 suffered greatly, as it was left to run itself. And make no mistake: Ambar #1 survived only on the backs and dedication of some very capable and diligent staff members. The Bahia Group, and Grupo Piñero, should fall to their knees in gratitude for these tireless people whom they thrust in front of the proverbial fan. In my instance; check-in took well over 40 minutes, and when I got to my room, (in Ambar #1); the TV, the phone, the safe, and the toilet were either not in working order – or were disabled altogether. It took nearly three days to get the proper repairs done. There were myriad other problems such as; the room was in poor repair, and the mini-bar/coffee service, plus the terry products were never once in full complement for two people. The latter problems can be lived with - and pardoned somewhat - because we spend very little time in our room, (I.E., We go to visit the people - not the décor). For the first time ever, I had to get terse with the management before I got a real result – which is an indicator that I am correct in my assessments. They did offer to change my room, but that just means that the people who get my former room would have had the same difficulties – and therefore nothing truly gets solved from an overall perspective. As a repeat guest, I do not want special treatment – I only want what I’ve paid for. That’s fair. And I know that Ambar can do much, much, better than this. All-in-all, the vacation was a success - but only 3-Star. I left feeling abandoned by the Bahia Group. Clearly, I am protective and involved in so much as I have a soft spot in my heart for the employees. They are like family by now. Further: My undying support, (not to mention my tourist dollars), have helped the Ambar become what it has - that is up until November 2014, when some marketing genius felt that it was okay to disregard me, (and the legion of other repeater guests at Ambar), in order to showcase a limping, but somewhat shiny, new appendage. So, if my holiday were to be graded as a sports event; it would be: Ambar Employees ‘10’, Bahia/Piñero Management ‘0’. If someone had actually reconsidered the rush-opening/market-share-grab, (based on the cost to the employees, and the potential of loosing many repeat and first time guests), then this review would be reading in as glowing of terms, as in 100% of my previous reviews. This is the problem when an otherwise outstanding resort drops an octave. It, (the disappointment), is quite evident. Special mention goes to: (front liners) Bianca, Maximo and the entire group at Bar Piscina Los Corales, (aka: “Equipo Corales”), Maura and Melania of Las Brisas, and certainly to Caesar at La Palmyra. I love you all. Also: My sympathies and admiration go to front managers Leonardo & Jose. If you don’t already have P.T.S.D., I suspect you will have by the time this foolishness is over. I see the guests yelling and showing their otherwise offensive behaviour - as if this was your fault - and you have my best wishes for a speedy recovery. It was a great time at the resort – with no thanks whatsoever to the home office decision makers of Bahia and Grupo Piñero. (un fracaso épico) PD: Vianca Graciano – Please don’t respond by telling me that the Bahia/Piñero Group is committed to customer service, because that only applies to the people who work at the property. If it were not for them, things would be far worse. They save the day – every day. The home office seems to have taken their eyes off the horizon, and is taking their repeat business for granted. Clients should never be asked to shoulder the consequence of poor decision making. Maybe you don’t usually get rebuke from repeat clients – but maybe that in itself is the message here.More

Mr B, London, Canada

A Honeymoon Nearly Ruined

It was our honeymoon. It seems we were also victimized by building 71.... I identified the following deficits... -Our shower leaked through the wall into the main bedroom when we took a shower. -The ceiling over our shower leaked when our upstairs neighbors took a shower. -The jacuzzi tub was beyond disgusting. -Remote control didn't work. -Phone cord frayed at the ends, could not be plugged into the phone. -Bathroom sink didn't drain fast enough. -Safe broken. -Air conditioning just barely adequate. It was horrendous. These buildings are beautifully designed, then poorly built by unskilled workers, and designed to last for about ten years until the problems begin. Also, the beach-to-guest ratio is way too small, so every single day, it's horrendously crowded. Finding an open lounger is like trying to find a parking spot in Midtown Manhattan. We went for seven nights, and only made four beach trips for this reason alone. The food is beautifully presented, and done so to mask the fact that it's pretty low quality. It's the same food, over and over again. Pretty much every restaurant has a buffet component, designed to draw your attention away from the very limited selection of served entrees. The one star above minimum is for the staff. They are enormously friendly and hard working. It stands to reason - in a horrendously poor banana republic like the DR, a tourism job is a darn good gig. I even made friends with a maintenance worker named Richard... we talked about baseball every day at breakfast when he came by to sweep the floors. What a nice guy. But man, this place is too big for its own good... not enough to do, rooms that are falling apart, general overcrowding. We were happy to come home.More

Jason M, New Britain, Connecticut, United States

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