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Not only does this place – voted one of TripAdvisor's top All Inclusive resorts – line up luxury suites, gourmet restaurants and a gigantic pool, it’s got a sandy beach as its front garden.

If there’s one word that fits this adults-only hotel, it’s luxury. It’s surrounded by lush gardens and is right on a white-sand beach, plus the bedrooms are all suites, with canopy beds and hydro-massage tubs.

There’s a huge pool, loads of sports and a trio of à la carte restaurants here. To top it all off, it’s a 3-for-1 deal – you get full run of the facilities at the Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro and the Punta Cana, next door.

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All Inclusive - Here's what you get


Ultra All Inclusive. Buffet meals. Unlimited à la carte dining for dinner - reservations required. Snacks. Room service. Butler service on request.


Ultra All Inclusive. Unlimited national and selected international brand alcoholic beverages and soft drinks - 24 hours.

Sports and Activities

All are included except where indicated.

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Outdoor pool

With pool towels, sunbeds and beach towel service.

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A wonderful vacation! People who say otherwise are complainers.

My boyfriend and I stayed here from December 5-12, and I must say we had a wonderful time! Honestly! This is the best bang for buck! You get WAY MORE than you pay for. I would recommend emailing the resorts for your preferences and your dinner reservations at least two weeks before you go. BOOK THEM IN ADVANCE. We did and when we arrived, we had these receipts that indicated where we were eating every night. No need to wait int he guest services line (there was always a line). ( ( When you arrive, you will arrive at the Bavaro Resort and will have to take a two minute shuttle to Ambar. No buses go directly to Ambar. It's very private and quiet, tucked away by the ocean. Ambar is just one section of the larger Bahia Principe resorts. I see this as a huge benefit because you get access to SO many restaurants. You take a little buggy to wherever you want to go! The food was very high quality -- from the buffet to the al a carte, to the room service, you'll be satisfied the entire vacation! They keep the grounds and the room immaculate and clean. We were so pleased by the beautiful aesthetics and the wonderfully kept vegetation. They truly take pride in what they do. The drinks...oh the drinks! There was never a moment where I had an empty hand. Whether you are in the lobby, on the beach, or at dinner, there is always someone offering you a delicious beverage. And might I add, they have premium liquor. There are couple of drinks you might need to pay a bit more for drinks like congac (if you have high end taste), etc. But otherwise, where else would you get a gin and tonic with Bombay? And they make them STRONG!!! We loved it :) The rooms are very well kept. I would highly recommend staying in the Ambar 1 area, as it is close to the lobby and the pool and the beautiful ocean. We stayed in Ambar building 65 and we loved the location. We were on the third floor and it was very quiet. The doors close with a bit of a slam, but we assumed it was to keep the air tight in the room when you have the AC going. The beach is quite beautiful. I would recommend waking up at 6:30 am to get your hut and chairs. For people who say this is ridiculous...have you EVER been to a resort? I've been to five different resorts, and this was the case for each one. Wake up, put your towels and a book down, and go back to bed. We never had any issues doing this and would be at the beach at 9:30 am to settle in for a relaxing day. Have people ever heard of leaving a tip? Well let me give you a tip. LEAVE A TIP for the hard workers. It will pay off dramatically. We brought 100 american dollars, and left a few dollars after we ate, and tipped the servers on the beach for every couple of rounds. They made sure we were well taken care of all the time! It was peanuts to use, but it was amazing for the workers. You will get what you give with people. Smile, say thank you, emit positive energy and you will get that back from these staff two-fold. Also, I would recommend learning a bit of Spanish. It doesn't hurt to learn how to order a drink, order food, say hello, how are you, etc. My boyfriend and I speak decent Spanish, so this definitely helped us. If you expect things to go perfectly, you are delusional. There will always be little hiccups that happen, but it's all about your attitude. After are on vacation! Relax and let the friendly staff take care of EVERYTHING. In my opinion, it was the staff who really made this vacation what it was. The staff became our true friends. By the end of the trip they all knew our names, they all greeted us with genuine smiles and care. When we had to say good bye to everyone, there were hugs and kisses and it was very sad to say goodbye! But it's not goodbye forever because we will be back!!!!More

Natasha C, Edmonton, Canada

Very nice place for Adults Only.

I've been at Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar in late November 2014 with my wife in sort of honeymoon. It was our second trip to Punta Cana, previously we've been there in December 2012 in Club Med. Bahia Principe Ambar is very nice place but you need to be aware of few things. 1. Resort area. Bahia Principe resort is realy big. It's in fact 5 hotels in one common area. This has advantages and disadvantages. Luxury Ambar next to Luxury Esmeralda is located closeer to the beach with exlusive pools and part of the beach. BUT. You need to be aware that Ambar part of the resort got expanded I would guess couple month ago. Now Luxury Ambar has two parts with two separate receptions - old one, closer to the beach Ambar I and new one, far away from the beach Ambar II. Look at attached map of the resort. Your first thought would be - I want to be in Ambar I closer to the beach. Well, this was also our idea when we got room in Ambar II. Of course we asked for new room at Ambar I and we got it next day, in the very first building of Ambar I, just meters from the pool and the beach. The thing is that Ambar I is basically the same as Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana and Bavaro. Buildings looks almost exactly the same, rooms looks the same also. you can see this part of resort is a bit old. If you look only at the distance from the beach get Bavaro or Punta Cana Club rooms - they will be cheaper and are in the same distance from the beach. Ambar II on the hand is brand new. Everything is just like it was open yesterday. Reception, restaurants, pool, buildings, rooms. This part also looks more like Esmeralda. Very, very nice place. People at the reception are very friendly and always want to help you. If you want to change the room they will make it happen in most the cases. Big plus for the hotel ! 2. Room. Big. You won't be dissapointed. But again - Ambar I and Ambar II are two different hotels. Ambar I - close to the beach but old. In our room shower was leaking, we report that on the very first day but for next 12 days no one came to fix it. Drawers were broken etc. You can live with those things but details are what make the difference. Ambar II - far away from the beach but completely new hotel. Rooms are more or less the same but you got everything new and shiny. Pool is like 2-3 meters from your balcony. IMPORTANT If you like to sleep at 9-10 pm avoid Ambar II rooms at the pool side of the buildings. At this pool in the evening there are music show etc. Very loud music. No way to sleep. Rooms are very clean. Beds are very large and comfortable. 3. Pools. Ambar I and Ambar II got their own pools. Ambar I pool is located right next to the beach and is always FULL of people. I mean ALWAYS. We got room just meters from the pool and what I have seen is just beyond my imagination. People were coming to the pool at 6-7 am to reserve sunbeds !! At 8 am you could forget about sunbed at the Ambar I pool. At the beach it was exactly the same. What was very surprising even this pool is full of people and next to the beach there was NO music there. Just to explain - I wasnt sleeping at 6 am due to the trip to Saona Island which starts like at 7. I would thought of getting up at 6 am at the vacation... Ambar II pool is much bigger with lots, lots of sunbeds. you could get to the pool at 10 am and there was plenty of free sunbeds. Also at this pool there as music almost all day and lots of different games, activities etc. Pool is so long you could always go away from this and stay in more quite part. If you like pool area - definetely Ambar II is the place to go. 4. Beach. Very, very busy. Be there latest at 8 am or you won't have sunbeds. There is one part of the Ambar beach you should go if you like to sleep longer that to 6 am - look forthe Privilage Club area of the beach and go beyond this part. You will find surprising a lot of free sunbeds very close to the ocean. I guess not many people know about this part of the beach. Beach with a LOT of sea weeds. Locals are cleaning beach every day but it doesnt make a big difference. At some point you feel really sorry for these guys, cleaning the beach in 35 degree (Celsius) in jeans and long sleevs... Whole part of Bavaro beach looks like that. Club Med beach in comparison is very clean and much more like on the postcards from Punta Cana. 5. Food. Good but not very good. When compare to Club Med i must say its a bit dissapoiting. Especially when you take into consideration in Club Med you have 2 restaurants and non of them is a la carte. When you stay at Luxury Ambar or Luxury Esperalnda you can got to every A La Carte restaurant at Bahia Principe Resport - there are like 15 of them, italian, asian, mexican etc. But none of them is really good. Don't get me wrong - they are not bad, but it's just nothing special. At the end of our stay we would rather go to buffet restaurant to have more choice than to a la carte. If you preffer a la carte anyway remember to make reservations at the first day you arrive - you may have problems to get free table for the next day. If I would have to recommend some places - go to Portofino and Rodizio are the best. Avoid asian restaurants. 6. All Inclusive I must separate food from drinks. Food - like I wrote - ok but not great. Drinks - different story. If you like to drink you definetelly should go to Luxury Bahia not Grand Bahia. At Luxury Ambar and Esperalda you have basically bar with everything you would get at regular bar - whisky, whiskey, vodka, tequila etc. Look at attached part of All Inclisive menu. IMPORTANT When you stay at Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro or Punta Cana - all these premium drinks are paid so you could spend a lot of dollars when you stay for 2 weeks and drink couple drinks per day. 7. Overall. Nice place. Especially if you look place for Adults Only. This is really the biggest plus of Luxury Ambar. If you don't have problems with screaming children at the beach, pool and resuatarant got to Luxury Esperalda or Club Med. Would I recommend it - Yes. You will always find some part of the resort you will like.More

Peter K, Ochota, Warszawa, Poland


We travelled to this resort Dec.04-Dec.11. we booked this resort back in Sept. before the Ambar 2 section had opened, we liked all the positive reviews on the Ambar also our best friends stayed at the Ambar in 2010 and loved it. The negative reviews had us a little nervous before we went down after the new section opened,I have to say that this was the best one week vacation we ever had in the DR. We have been to many resorts in DR again this was the best. They must have worked out the minor issues before we got down for our week we had no issues at all,We travelled with our best friends A & G who helped us celebrate our 39th Anniversary and my wives birthday with the special dinner at the Don Pablo Gourmet Rest.fantastic meal Filet & Lobster how could you go wrong,Thanks for the wine A&G.There were many staff who made this week special Rafeal ,Francisco, Billy, Felix( the shuttle driver) to mention a few. We always saw plenty of the management team checking over the whole resort at all hours making sure every detail was being tended to. Many people have complained about how loud the doors are when being closed, try not closing them so hard, I had no problem closing the doors soft enough to not make noise, I think its more of a problem of not having any consideration for anybody else around. If you are thinking of going to this resort do not hesitate they do it right, have the right attitude, be generous with your $1.00 tips and you will have a great holiday as we did I am sure.We cannot wait to go back next year hopefully with our friends and family..Thank You for the great week.More

fullmonte, Sudbury


My husband and I went the first week of December. We were amazed of how beautiful the place was. We were able to get the room we requested. I sent my reservation for the a la cartes a week prior. They didn't respond to the message, So I brought a copy of my email. They were able to accommodate us at the a la cartes restaurant. Our favorite is the rodizio, don Pablo and the Japanese. But even the buffet had a good amount of good food. Our room was beautiful and big, we tip $2 to tbe maid in the morning and $1 in the minibar then we tip $2 in the evening. Our minibar was always filled. We also spent a day at the Ambar 2 pool, it was quiet and more seats were available. Overall the dominican people are hard working and nice people. They always served you with a smile. Make sure to tip all your servers because they deserve it. The entertainment was okay. But overall the resort and service was first class service. Thank you for a wonderful vacation. .More

Gina S,

Mostly very good but could do better.

We have just returned from a 3 week stay at the Ambar adults only resort, we choose this resort as most of the reviews we read were very good, on the whole we really did enjoy our stay but everything was not perfect. CHECK-IN. This was very quick and very efficient, the check in staff speak excellent English, it was also manned 24 hours a day. We were allocated a room in villa 63 which was right next to the reception/lobby area, easy access to the main buffet area and not too far from the pool and beach areas. LOBBY. 2 computers and 1 laptop were always available for customers to use free of charge, there was also WIFI which you could use for an hour a day free of charge, the bar in the lobby was always quite busy in the evening and there were usually 3 girls continually going around the lobby area getting customers drinks. The lobby is where you have to pre book all the speciality restaurants We witnessed a few things in the lobby which took the gloss off our stay, people who were left waiting in the lobby for 3 hours until their rooms were ready, other customers who had rooms with mould issues, but the hotel seemed quite slow in dealing with complaints, it seemed that they did not cope well under pressure. 3 weeks before we arrived the Ambar opened a new area called Ambar 2, lots of new accommodation, new pool, new restaurants and lobby area, these areas are really nice and very quiet and make you feel more relaxed than the very busy main Ambar areas. ROOM. Extremely spacious, we were in 63203 on the second floor, the villa blocks were made up of 3 floors with 16 rooms on each floor our room had a queen sized bed, small seating area, table and 2 chairs, tv, mini-bar, safety deposit safe, reasonable sized wardrobe and in the bathroom there was a spa bath as well as the shower, the room was cleaned to a very high standard, the sheets were changed every 2 days and there was a turn down service every night, the cleaners seem to work very long hours and would always smile and greet you, chocolates were left in the room each night, the mini bar was also topped up every day, the room decor is looking a little dated and the only real issues were that the shower was not fixed back to the wall very securely and the glass shower door was loose and would hit the glass side panel, basic maintenance issues that were never addressed, the only other issue was that every evening you get quite a strong effluent smell from the drains, this was soon masked with a bit of deodorant and did not cause us any real grief. POOL AREA. Lovely area, lots of sun loungers but were soon claimed with customers towels, by 10am there were usually no sun loungers left free, the towel exchange was open from 8am until about 5pm always plenty of towels even if you wanted to change them every hour, great pool bar area and staff always helpful. BEACH. The beach was great, beautiful soft sand and loads of sun loungers and parasols, all the loungers at the front of the beach were always claimed by 06:30 and all loungers were claimed by 09:00 so if you want the beach get there early, the adults only part of the beach and the pool were quite strictly policed by the hotel staff, if any parent arrived with children they were politely asked to leave the adults only area, there were servers patrolling the beach asking if you wanted a drink and would return very quickly, the beach cleaning staff were very efficient always raking up the seaweed and some days there were tons of the stuff, but every day they were cleaning, there was even a guy who would sweep the sand from your lounger. RESTAURANTS. The main buffet at the Ambar is the PALMYRA, there is always a wide selection of different foods, food quality however was another thing, usually cold and because of the number of customers would sometimes have to wait to be seated cleanliness was always high and you would have to sanitize your hands on each visit to the restaurants, at the Ambar 2 the buffet restaurant was the ACUARIO a lot smaller than the Palmyra and and we personally preferred this buffet, selection not as big but the quality was always there. At lunchtime we would go to the beach restaurant the LAS BRISAS, best burgers i have ever had in the Caribbean, quite a good selection of foods and a welcome retreat from the early afternoon sun, lots of other speciality restaurants on the site which you would have to book in advance with guest services, the main being the DON PABLO, a lot of hype about this restaurant and generally the food was good, the service could have been better at times and the portions minimal, the chateau breaund is a must try, for the bigger eaters out there you may wish to go to the buffet after your visit to the DON PABLO, another one we tried was the GARDEN GRILL, the rib eye steak was lovely, also tried the EL RODIZIO which was a some what strange affair, when you arrive you are given a red card and a green card, show the green card and the staff begin bringing different meats to your table on skewers and serve you, they continue doing this until you turn your card to red. the only other restaurant we visited was the Asian restaurant the TAKARA, very nice food here, only went the once toward the end of our stay and had the tuna steak in Thai green curry was very nice. GENERAL The hotel is BIG and every where you went the grounds were kept maticulously clean, staff always washing down the walkways, cutting the grass, trimming the shrubs etc, and always ready to greet you with a smile, the site covers a large area and there are dozens of small vehicles that will take you around the resort. in the adults only area the bars would stop serving at 23:00 so if you wanted any more entertainment it would have to be in the main part of the hotel, there was a night club open until 2am so returning revellers would sometimes wake you up if you were in bed earlier, this was a relaxing break and the weather was lovely, staff friendly and tried there best to help, we met some lovely people but would not return as the hotel was just too big for us and feel this made it feel less personal.More

chris b, Bridgy Somerset

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