Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a charge if I pay by credit card?

There are no additional charges if you pay by credit or debit card. Take a look at our payment page for more information.


Can I pay by gift card?

You can redeem your card with us by selecting ‘gift card’ as the method of payment on the payment page. You’ll need to make sure your gift card has sufficient funds for the transaction. To pay your deposit, the card value needs to be equal to or greater than the deposit amount. Check out our gift card page to find out more.


How long will it take for my gift card reload to show on my account?

It can take up to 48 hours for a reload to be credited to your account. If it’s still not showing after 48 hours, send us a chat on the website or app.

What is the minimum reload on a gift card?

The minimum reload is £10.

Do I need to have my Gift Card with me to redeem it?

You’ll need your gift card with you when you’re ready to book. To credit the gift card, just enter the serial number.

When does my Gift Card expire?

The value on your card will expire 24 months after the date it was first loaded.

I have lost my gift card what do I do?

Unfortunately, the card is treated as cash and so the balance can’t be refunded if lost, stolen or destroyed.

Can I use my Gift Card to book experiences online?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept gift card payments for experiences.

Who do I call if I have any questions about my gift card?

You can send us a chat on the website or app to speak to our team. Or give us a call on 0203 451 2690. If you’re a corporate customer, please get in touch with our Corporate Sales team on 01709 242064 or by emailing ukenquiries@svmcards.com.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Looking for the perfect present for the picky travel lover? We offer gift cards that can be used towards all of our trips. Take a look at our gift cards page for more info.


Can I make payments towards my holiday in a shop if I’ve booked online?

We no longer sell holidays in retail shops. Everything’s booked online.


Can I pay for my holiday on more than one card?

Yes, you can make payments on more than one card if your holiday is more than 12 weeks away. If it’s 12 weeks or less until you’re due to travel, please call us and we’ll be able to process the payments for you. The card holders must be present when you make the payment.

Why has the price of my holiday gone down since I booked?

Like most holiday companies, we have flexible pricing. This means the cost of our holidays may go up or down.

Once you’ve booked your holiday, the amount you pay is frozen. So, if the cost goes down, you won’t get a refund on the difference. But, that also means that if prices go up, you won’t pay a penny more, either. Find out more in our agreement.

When do I need to pay the balance of my holiday?

When you pay for your holiday depends on what you book, and the payment method you pick.

Take a look at our ways to pay page for more info.

What’s included in the holiday price?

The total holiday price depends on which type of trip you’re booking. When you book online with us, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of the price and what’s included as you go through the booking process. You’ll also be given the option to add extras to your booking, like reserved seats and extra luggage.

Just so you know, local charges at your destination, such as departure taxes, are not usually included in the price, so you’ll need to keep these in mind when deciding how much spending money to take.

To find out if you’ll need to pay departure tax for the destination you’re travelling to, take a look at our ‘Will I need to pay a departure tax?‘ question.

Can I delay the date my balance is due?

If you’ve got any questions or you can’t pay by the balance due date, please contact us ASAP.


How can I pay?

Whether you booked online or on the First Choice app, the best way to pay your balance is using Manage My Booking. You’ll need your booking confirmation number, departure date and lead passenger surname – you’ll find them in the email we sent to you when you booked.

If you need to, you can also call 0203 451 2690 to speak to the team.

How much is the deposit I need to pay when I book my holiday?

The amount you’ll need to pay when you book varies depending on the holiday you book, and the payment method you pick.

Take a look at our ways to pay page for more info.


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