Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I lost something on holiday – who do I contact?

On the plane

If you’ve lost something on the plane during your flight, you’ll need to contact the airport you arrived at, and ask them to check their lost property. If they do not have the item, we’d suggest contacting the airline you travelled with.

At the hotel

If you think you’ve lost something at your hotel, it’s best to contact them directly to see if your item has been handed in. If you’re already home, we suggest you contact the hotel by phone or email.




I didn’t receive my transfer either to or from the airport and had to pay for a taxi – how can I claim a refund?

We’re sorry for the confusion over your coach transfers. If they were included as part of your holiday and detailed on your documentation, and you have receipts for the taxi, then please get in touch. 

I didn’t receive the view I was expecting, am I entitled to a refund?

Pool view

If you booked a room with a pool view and paid a supplement, your room should look directly onto, or has a side view of, the pool. Please note that if you didn’t pay a supplement for this room type, you won’t be due a refund.

Sea view

If you booked a room with a sea view and have paid a supplement, it may be partly blocked. This may be by trees or smaller buildings, or across a road, but you’ll still be able to see the sea. If we describe a room as Limited Sea View – LSV in your room description – this will generally mean that your view of the sea will be to the side rather than directly in front of you. Please note that if you haven’t paid a supplement for this room type, you won’t be due a refund.




Why was there a child in a property that was shown as adults only?

In most adult-only hotels, the minimum age for guests is 16 or 18, so children under this age will not be allowed to stay. However, please note that hoteliers may accept bookings from other countries and on rare occasion, may accept a child booked as an adult.

I upgraded my room at the hotel but wasn’t happy with the room, am I entitled to a refund?

We’re sorry to hear that you were unhappy with your upgraded room. If you chose to upgrade your room directly with the hotel, this wouldn’t have formed part of your contract with us and therefore we’re unable to provide a refund.

I didn’t receive the special request on my holiday, am I entitled to any money back?

We always try our best to meet any special requests, but requests are often at the discretion of the hotelier, so can’t always be guaranteed.

I had a problem with the excursion I went on, am I entitled to a refund?

We’re sorry you had a problem with the experience you booked with us. Please contact the First Choice support team and have the following information to hand:

– Name of excursion

– Date of excursion

– Excursion booking reference

– Cost of the excursion.

To help us investigate quicker, please also let us know how you booked the experience, e.g. online or on the app.

I booked an extra facility at my hotel but was unhappy, am I entitled to a refund?

The key aspects of your trip were all included in your holiday price, but there may have been some extras that you arranged directly with the hotel. This can include safety deposit boxes or snacks from the mini-bar. As these are optional, unfortunately no refunds are available for these items.

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