Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much legroom will I get on the flight?

Every airline and aircraft can have slightly different layouts. Please check with your airline directly to find out how much legroom you’ll get on your flight.

Can I book a separate seat for my baby?

Yes you can! It depends on the airline you’re flying with and seat availability, so we suggest you contact the airline to check.

Please note that for most airlines, you’ll also need an approved child car seat that meets certain criteria:

– Conforms to European safety standards (they usually have the reference ECE R44-03)

– Is not wider than 40cm or 16″

– Is in good working order and must be fitted with a single release-type harness

– Is secured in a forward-facing position only

– Is secured by the aircraft seat belt, through rigid lower bars and not over the child

Carry cots aren’t suitable as they can’t be secured in the seat.

I’m travelling with a baby. Can I still choose my seats online?

Yes, but for most airlines, you’ll only be able to choose from a select number of seats. Infants can only sit in areas of the aircraft where double oxygen masks are located. Certain seats won’t show as available to book – they may be reserved already or might not be considered suitable.

Can I upgrade my flight seats just one-way?

Yes, depending on your airline, this may be possible. Please contact your airline to arrange this.

I’m not happy with the seats I’ve got – what can I do?

For most airlines, if you haven’t paid to pre-select a seat before check-in, your seat will be automatically allocated when you check in online. If you’re not happy with the seats given, the airline may be able to move you. There will often be an additional charge from the airline for this but you can contact them to see if it’s possible.

How do I book more than one seat on the plane?

Please contact us for details, as this will depend on what airline you are flying with and how how many seats they have available. If you’re not sure who you’re flying with, take a look at ‘Which airline am I flying with?’.


Can I choose my seats on the plane?

You’ll be able to choose seats if you’ve been given a separate flight booking reference by your airline and the airline has this option available. You’ll be able to do this either by contacting us, or while you’re checking in online.

Just so you know, some airlines only allocate seats and boarding passes when you check in.

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