Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve finished paying my Direct Debits. I’m departing within 84 days and want to add an upgrade to my booking. Why can’t I pay by Direct Debit?

98 days is the cut-off for us to collect your final Direct Debit before you travel. You can’t add on any extras using this payment method after then, you’d have to pay upfront.

I’ve been asked by First Choice to move my holiday to later in the year. What would happen to my Direct Debit payments?

Any change in cost will be recalculated, based on the number of months until your holiday.

I want to change my holiday so I’m travelling sooner. What would happen to my Direct Debit payments?

If you move your holiday to a closer date, then your Direct Debit might not be valid and you may need to pay the full balance, depending on how far away the new departure date is.

I’ve been asked by First Choice to change my holiday so I’m travelling sooner, but still outside of 84 days. What would happen to my Direct Debit payments?

Depending on how many payments have already been made, your payment schedule and the Direct Debit amounts will be changed so you can pay your holiday balance sooner.


I want to move my holiday to later in the year. What would happen to my Direct Debit payments?

Any change in cost will be recalculated, based on the current number of months until your holiday.


What happens to my Direct Debit payments and refunds if I cancel my booking?

This works the same as other holiday payments. If you cancel your booking, you’ll receive the refund you’re due, based on our standard booking terms and conditions.

I’ve changed my bank, using a bank switching process. Do I need to do anything to make sure my holiday is paid for?

You’ll need to pay the remaining balance of your holiday at the time of making the change.

I can see you’re working with Experian. Why?

We work with Experian to make sure your address and bank account match, to reduce the risk of fraud.

Is there a dedicated Contact Centre team for Direct Debit enquiries? What are their details?

You can contact us on 020 3830 3111 and we’ll direct you to our Direct Debit team.

Can I make any ad-hoc payments, even though I’m paying by Direct Debit?

Sure! You can make payments through our website or by speaking with our team on 020 3830 3111 – your Direct Debit payments will then be recalculated accordingly.

How does it work?

Direct Debit payments can be set up to spread the cost of your holiday over several months. The balance of the holiday is equally split between the months from the time you set up the Direct Debit to when the last payment is due. So you can secure your trip without forking out for it all at once!


When is the last Direct Debit payment due?

The last payment is due 98 days before your departure. Just so you know, this is two weeks earlier than the standard booking terms.


Can I change the day the Direct Debit instalment is taken?

You can choose the day of the month that the Direct Debit comes out when you set up the payments.

Can I choose the amount of instalments?

No, the amount of instalments is calculated automatically based on the date of your booking and the departure date. There’s always a minimum of three instalments to pay.

How do I set up a Direct Debit?

The option to book by Direct Debit will be available as long as you’re booking an eligible trip, and the date of travel is more than 182 days before departure. You can also set this up in Manage My Booking on our website or app. Check our ways to pay page.

Is Direct Debit available on all First Choice holidays?

Direct Debit is an option available on some First Choice holidays depending on which airline you’re flying with. Check our ways to pay page.

What packages are eligible for Direct Debit payments?

In order to be eligible for Direct Debit, your holiday booking needs to be made at least 182 days or 26 weeks before departure. Check our ways to pay page for more info on which trips are eligible for Direct Debit.

Is Direct Debit only for the lead passenger?

Yes, the lead passenger will be in charge of setting up and making the Direct Debit payments.

Do I need to pay a deposit before setting this up?

Not necessarily, we offer £0 deposit options on lots of our trips.

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