Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What food and drink is available on my flight?

Most airlines will provide an inflight cafe-style trolley service onboard, with a range of snacks and drinks. This varies from airline to airline, so we’d suggest checking with the one you’re due to fly with. Sometimes you can even browse the menu beforehand to pick what you’re having.

Can I use personal electronic devices on the flight?

Personal electronic devices

You can use things like e-books, smartphones and other handheld electronic devices at any time during your flight, unless you’re told otherwise by the crew. They do need to be switched to ‘Flight Safe Mode’ or ‘Airplane Mode’, though. That said, please make sure you listen carefully to the safety briefing by your cabin crew before take-off.

If you’re carrying larger devices like laptops and larger tablets, you’ll be able to use them during the flight, but they’ll need to be switched off for take-off and landing, and stowed away. You’ll also need to take these items out of your hand luggage at security, as they’ll need extra screening.

If any of your electronic devices can’t be switched to ‘Flight Safe’ or ‘Airplane Mode’, they’ll need to be switched off completely throughout the flight.

Electronic cigarettes

You’re not allowed to use electronic cigarettes on the plane at all, although they can be carried in hand luggage.

Can I bring my own seatbelt to use on the plane?

No – you can only use the seatbelts supplied in the aircraft. This is due to regulatory requirements.

Is there entertainment onboard my flight?

Airline entertainment packages are always different and sometimes depend on whether you’re flying short haul or long haul. Have a look on your airline’s website to see what entertainment they offer for your flight.

Can I take my own food for the flight?

You can, but most airlines won’t provide heating facilities on board – although for infants, most airlines are able to warm bottles of milk in hot water.

We’d recommend checking with your airline before you travel.

Can I use e-cigarettes onboard my flight?

You’re not allowed to use electronic cigarettes or any other portable smoking devices on planes – this includes charging. You can’t carry e-cigarettes or their spare batteries within your hold luggage. They can be carried on as hand luggage only.

Flights to Thailand

Please note that e-cigarettes are illegal in Thailand and may be confiscated at the airport.

What food and drinks are included on my long haul flight?

On most long-haul routes, you’ll be provided with complimentary meals and drinks. To find out exactly what’s included, please check with the airline you’re flying with.

Can my child use a flight hammock or inflatable bed platform on our flight?

Unfortunately, products like Fly Legs Up, JetKids Bed Box, Plane Pal or Comfy Hanger are not permitted to be used with most airlines. This also includes inflatable footrests.

We’d still suggest checking with the airline you’ve booked with, though – just in case.

Is entertainment available onboard my flight to Cape Verde?

If you’re flying on a Dreamliner to Cape Verde there may be Inflight Entertainment provided, but this is not guaranteed. We recommend you download any movies, books, podcasts etc to your devices prior to boarding the flight. Where we do provide entertainment, headphones are for sale at a small charge per set.

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