Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I didn’t receive my upgraded seat class due to a change of aircraft. Am I entitled to a refund?

We’re sorry you didn’t get the upgraded seats that you had booked. If you flew with TUI, and were told about the aircraft change at the airport or hotel, our After Travel Support Team will automatically process a refund for the supplement paid for that part of the journey. For example, if you received your premium seats one way then you will be refunded 50% of the supplement. We aim to process this refund within 28 days of your return travel date.

How do I claim my flight delay compensation?

In the event of a flight delay over three hours or cancellation you may be entitled to compensation in line with EU Regulation 261/2004. Use this simple form to submit a claim directly with TUI Airways, which ensures you receive all the compensation due rather than another company taking a percentage of the claim. Please ensure the claim form is completed with the information required as inaccurate or incomplete data will cause delays in your claim being assessed.

​For more information on your rights relating to flight delays, please visit the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website.

Flights beginning with the Prefix BY
If your flight number begins with BY – for example BY123 – that means your your flight was operated by TUI. To make a flight delay claim please complete our online form.  

I bought something onboard my flight but now it’s not working. Who should I contact?

If you bought something on your flight from the onboard shopping range and there’s a problem with it, we recommend contacting the airline you flew with to enquire about the return and refund policies.


How can I get proof of a delayed flight for insurance purposes?

If you flew with TUI and need confirmation of a delayed flight to claim on your travel insurance, you should receive this automatically after the flight. Or, you can request this by contacting us.

If your flights were with another of our partner airlines, please contact the airline directly.

My flight was delayed – am I entitled to compensation, and how do I make a claim?

We’re sorry there was a delay to your flight. If the delay was over three hours, or the flight was cancelled, you may be entitled to compensation in line with an EC Regulation (EC261/2004). Claims for this compensation are handled by the airline you travelled with. Here are the details on how to claim.

For more information on your rights relating to flight delays, please visit the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website.

I booked an extra facility at my hotel but was unhappy, am I entitled to a refund?

The key aspects of your trip were all included in your holiday price, but there may have been some extras that you arranged directly with the hotel. This can include safety deposit boxes or snacks from the mini-bar. As these are optional, unfortunately no refunds are available for these items.

I had a problem with the excursion I went on, am I entitled to a refund?

We’re sorry you had a problem with the experience you booked with us. Please contact the First Choice support team and have the following information to hand:

– Name of excursion

– Date of excursion

– Excursion booking reference

– Cost of the excursion.

To help us investigate quicker, please also let us know how you booked the experience, e.g. online or on the app.

I didn’t receive the special request on my holiday, am I entitled to any money back?

We always try our best to meet any special requests, but requests are often at the discretion of the hotelier, so can’t always be guaranteed.

I upgraded my room at the hotel but wasn’t happy with the room, am I entitled to a refund?

We’re sorry to hear that you were unhappy with your upgraded room. If you chose to upgrade your room directly with the hotel, this wouldn’t have formed part of your contract with us and therefore we’re unable to provide a refund.

Why was there a child in a property that was shown as adults only?

In most adult-only hotels, the minimum age for guests is 16 or 18, so children under this age will not be allowed to stay. However, please note that hoteliers may accept bookings from other countries and on rare occasion, may accept a child booked as an adult.

I didn’t receive the view I was expecting, am I entitled to a refund?

Pool view

If you booked a room with a pool view and paid a supplement, your room should look directly onto, or has a side view of, the pool. Please note that if you didn’t pay a supplement for this room type, you won’t be due a refund.

Sea view

If you booked a room with a sea view and have paid a supplement, it may be partly blocked. This may be by trees or smaller buildings, or across a road, but you’ll still be able to see the sea. If we describe a room as Limited Sea View – LSV in your room description – this will generally mean that your view of the sea will be to the side rather than directly in front of you. Please note that if you haven’t paid a supplement for this room type, you won’t be due a refund.




I didn’t receive my transfer either to or from the airport and had to pay for a taxi – how can I claim a refund?

We’re sorry for the confusion over your coach transfers. If they were included as part of your holiday and detailed on your documentation, and you have receipts for the taxi, then please get in touch. 

Will I get a refund of my Air Passenger Duty (APD)?

If you were unable to travel on your holiday and we can confirm this, then we can refund the Air Passenger Duty that was included in your holiday cost once the date you were due to return from holiday has passed. Please contact us via our online form.

I was charged an excess baggage charge at the airport, am I entitled to a refund?

You may be charged if you exceed your luggage allowance as stated on your booking documents, or on your pre-booked extras receipt if you upgraded. Unfortunately, any queries about additional charges must be raised at the airport as refunds can’t be processed afterwards.

My trip was great! How do I let you know?

Great news! We love hearing about when our trips are extra special. Please do get in touch.


Why didn’t I get the seats that I chose when I booked my flight?

We’re sorry you didn’t get the seats you asked for. Occasionally, airlines may need to change allocated seats, usually due to operational, safety or security reasons. TUI Airways’ ‘Select Your Seat’ service is provided using Civil Aviation Authority guidelines, and airlines need to meet various requirements before they can allocate seats near the exits.

If you booked and paid for seats together directly with your airline and these were later changed, please contact your airline directly for advice on a refund.

What should I do if my luggage is lost, delayed or damaged

You’ll need to report lost, delayed or damaged luggage at the arrival airport by filling out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). This will start the tracing process to find your missing or delayed items or register the damage caused. Agents from the airline you travelled with should be in the luggage collection area and they’ll be able to help you with this. The airport will usually have a baggage facilities or baggage information desk clearly signposted. We recommend checking your airline’s website for the next steps.

Just so you know, airlines have limited liability in cases of delayed delivery and lost or damaged baggage under the Montreal Convention, so you might want to make a claim through your travel insurance provider. You can’t claim from both your travel insurance provider and the airline.

To find out more about the Montreal Convention, please take a look at the ‘What’s the Montreal Convention and how does it affect me?’ question below.

I lost something on holiday – who do I contact?

On the plane

If you’ve lost something on the plane during your flight, you’ll need to contact the airport you arrived at, and ask them to check their lost property. If they do not have the item, we’d suggest contacting the airline you travelled with.

At the hotel

If you think you’ve lost something at your hotel, it’s best to contact them directly to see if your item has been handed in. If you’re already home, we suggest you contact the hotel by phone or email.




What should I do if something’s missing from my luggage?

If there’s something missing when you collect your luggage, you’ll need to complete a Property Irregularity Report before you leave the airport. The information you give will help search for anything that’s missing.

Making a claim

If you want to make a claim for missing items, you can do this through your travel insurance provider. Or, you can make a claim directly with your airline.

I didn’t go on my holiday – can you provide proof to give to my insurance company?

If you need proof that you didn’t travel to make a claim on your insurance, contact us and we’ll arrange this for you.

I’ve booked insurance with you – how do I make a claim?

If you have an AXA policy that was booked on or before 1st April 2024:

TUI UK Limited, trading as TUI and First Choice, arrange travel insurance underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance S.A, part of the AXA Group.

If you are abroad and need urgent assistance please contact the Emergency Medical Assistance Service on +44 (0)203 093 0032
To make a claim online visit https://global.eu.axa.travel/claim/claim_home or call 0203 093 0032.

If you have an Allianz policy booked from 2nd April 2024:

TUI UK Limited trading as TUI and First Choice, arrange travel insurance underwritten by AWP P&C SA, administered in the UK by AWP Assistance UK Ltd under the trading name Allianz Partners.
If you need to make a claim, contact Allianz Partners direct – the contact number for their claims department is 0208 666 9336. If you need more information on making a claim, you’ll find the details in your insurance policy document.

Some of the pre-populated data when I’m completing an online form is wrong or out of date. How can I change it?

No worries – please provide your correct details in the Additional Information box and we’ll sort the rest.

I’m getting an error message when entering my booking details to complete your online form. Why is this?

Please double check that you’re entering the right details, including the surname of the lead passenger (the person who made the booking). You’ll only be able to use our online forms for bookings made directly on the First Choice website or app.

How do I make a complaint about my booking?

We’re sorry to hear you’ve got a complaint. Whether it’s a question about your trip or you need some help once you’ve returned, our First Choice team can help. The easiest and quickest way to resolve your issue is to contact us while you’re away using the First Choice app or calling us on +4420 38 303 111. This gives us an opportunity to sort things out so you can carry on enjoying your break.

If you’ve returned home already, please email us on myfeedback@firstchoice.co.uk and we will look to resolve your issue.

I need to send in photo and video evidence of my recent holiday for an outstanding claim or complaint. Where do I send it?

If you need to provide photos or videos, please use our email address myfeedback@firstchoice.co.uk – please ensure your booking reference is included in the email.

I had an accident whilst on holiday, how do I report this?

If you had an accident or injury and notified the hotel or resort team while you were on holiday, please contact us within three months of returning from holiday to follow up.

When will I get a reply to my complaint?

We’re sorry that you made a complaint. We’ll work hard to resolve any issues you may have experienced. Our team will review your complaint and will be in contact (either by phone or email) to resolve the issue. We aim to respond within 28 days. Just so you know, we’re only able to send responses to the lead passenger (the person who made the booking).

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