If you're looking for the fast route to relaxation, All inclusive holidays to Kefalonia are the way to go.

A choice of hotels

There aren’t many All Inclusive hotels in Kefalonia — but the ones that do exist, do it well. And we’ve dug up the best of the best for your perusal. Take the Apostolata Island Resort & Spa. This hilltop hotel serves up A-star views over the Med. Plus, it’s got an infinity pool and a spa. Then there’s the Hotel San Giorgio, with its olive tree gardens. The Hotel Kefalonia Palace is another tip-top choice, taking root just a five-minute walk away from sandy Xi Beach.

Stay in Skala or Lixouri

Skala and Lixouri are both beach resorts with plenty to do. In Lixouri, you’ll spend your days kicking back on red-sand Xi Beach. Nights, meanwhile, revolve around the bars and tavernas framing the chilled-out town square. Skala also stars an iconic beach. This one rolls out for three kilometres, so there’s loads of elbow room.

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