City breaks to Toronto dish out lofty skyscrapers with a hefty side-order of history and culture.

City breaks to Toronto

Toronto’s one of Canada’s A-listers. It’s the country’s biggest city, plonked along Lake Ontario’s northwest shoreline. The city’s skyscraper-jammed facade will grab your attention as soon as you pull up. But behind the cloud-tickling towers, there’s a melting pot of cultures and more than 200 years of history to get your teeth into.

Colourful culture

Around half of Toronto’s residents were born outside of Canada, making it one of the most diverse cities on the planet. Luckily for you, that means there’s a whole bunch of cultures to dive into. Hop between Little Italy, Greek Town and China Town for a peek at the different markets and restaurants on offer. Then, toddle over to the super-multicultural Kensington Market for a taste of authentic street food and a nosey around the smattering of vintage shops.

Sky-high sights

The CN Tower pokes its head above the rest of the city’s skyline. It houses the highest observation deck in the western hemisphere, so it serves up widescreen views left, right and centre. If you’ve not got a head for heights, stay grounded with a ride on Toronto’s iconic streetcar, instead. It takes you through all the must-see neighbourhoods, so you’ll be able to tick plenty of landmarks off your sightseeing list.

On the water

Thanks to its lakeside setting, Toronto’s not short in the waterfront views department. You can soak up the scenery on a stroll along one of its waterside paths, or whizz over to Toronto Island Park on a ferry. There’s a stellar line-up of beaches, piers and gardens here, so you’ll have plenty of spots to pick from if you fancy flaking out for a bit. And when it’s time to stretch your legs, you can stomp along forest trails and saunter around teeny island villages.

At a Glance

  • Gawp at the city’s skyline from the observation deck at the CN Tower
  • Flake out on a beach by the shore of Lake Ontario
  • Chow down on international street grub in Kensington Market