Antalya and Dalaman

Antalya is home to some of the most deluxe hotels in Turkey. In fact, we’d award them more than five stars, if we could. Take the space-age Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort and Spa — it’s got a whopping seven pools and nine restaurants. Plus, it’s right on Belek Beach. Think of Dalaman, on the other hand, and Olu Deniz and the Blue Lagoon will likely come to mind. But if you’re after a five-star hotel, try harbour town Fethiye. Hotels like Club Letoonia hand out regal dining pavilions and secreted-away cottage rooms.

Bodrum and Izmir

A swanky marina and boutique shops sprinkle Bodrum. The laid-back vibe all changes come evening, when the bars and clubs open their doors. As for the Izmir region, it really plays up its family-friendly credentials. Waterparks crown the four-star hotels in Kusadasi, an ex-fishing village with a sleek marina and eight beaches.

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