Benidorm is Spain’s biggest and boldest beach resort. And its five-star hotels are some of the best in the business.

Adults-only vs. family-friendly

Globe-trotting restaurants, lagoon pools, spa treatments — Benidorm hotels know how to spoil their guests. Some places are adults-only, while others balance kid-friendly areas with adults-only zones. Others, meanwhile, go the whole hog for families. Take the Magic Natura — Animal, Waterpark & Polynesian Lodge Resort. There’s just as many things to do here as the name implies, including VIP access to the waterpark.

Travel to Alicante

Believe it or not, there’s a Costa Blanca beyond the beaches. Zoom through the mountainside and country roads for 40 minutes, and you’ll fetch up in Alicante — the classy capital of Valencia. Superyachts stud the marina, top shelf restaurants circle the squares, and a hilltop Medieval castle completes the picture.

Escape with style — upgrade to a luxury holiday to Benidorm. Since our getaways are All Inclusive, you’ll get your flight, hotel, main meals and local drinks included in the deal.

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