Oslo city breaks are like an Instagram reel of trendy Norwegian culture, showcasing eye-widening architecture, jazz clubs, and green living.

O is for Oslo

Say hello to Oslo, Norway’s buzzing capital city. It’s recognised as the home of the Nobel Peace Prize, which is awarded at the city hall every autumn. It’s also where Trafalgar Square’s epic Christmas tree comes from every winter. What you might not know is that Oslo is an ultra-sustainable city, plus it’s crammed with museums, art galleries and cool-as-a-cucumber neighbourhoods. Plus, it’s home to the beautiful Oslo Fjord. And, it’s neighboured by forests that do a doozy on day-long hikes.

A pea-green holiday

This place is as green as a pesto pasta salad – and then some. From café culture where plants are at the centre of both the foodie offering and the décor, to a city centre that’s virtually car-free, you can holiday here knowing that Oslo’s really invested in a green future. Get your teeth into activities like an early morning splash-about in the fjord, or a city tour from the seat of an electric bicycle.

Fun in the forest

Despite its urban aesthetic, Oslo’s actually more forest than it is building. It’s edged on most sides by thick pine forests that would make Hans Christian Andersen proud. Good news, too – you can be in the great outdoors in less than 30 minutes when travelling from the city centre, so pack your walking boots. The local wildlife’s very fairytale-friendly, too. Norway’s home to wolves, beavers, moose, elk, and roe deer. Just remember to follow forest guidelines and keep your distance.

City of angles

It’s worth going to Oslo just to ogle its architecture. This place was originally a quiet dock city, but a cultural revival since 2008 means that Oslo today is heaving with eye-widening buildings. The skyline gives thanks to the Barcode Project – a development of silver high-rises that makes for excellent photography. Then there’s the Oslo Opera House, which looks like an iceberg, and the public library, styled like a couple of slices of Swiss cheese.

At a Glance

  • Curl up with a book in Oslo’s library
  • Sightsee on a fjord cruise
  • Hike a trail in Nordmarka Forest

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