Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been contacted by First Choice or TUI but I’m not sure if it’s genuine?

We’re aware that criminals are pretending to be First Choice, TUI or our colleagues to try and defraud our customers using social media, email or telephone calls. To protect yourself against fraud never give away information about your booking on an email or telephone call.

The email address is not affiliated, used by or monitored by us, and is likely to be used by fraudsters who are attempting to gain further information in order to commit acts of fraud.

Further to this we are also aware of potential fraudulent activity involving email addresses ending with &

If you believe that you may be a victim of fraud, then please visit for further advice and ways to report fraud to the relevant authorities.

When our team contact you, they’ll identify themselves with specific info about your booking that only they and you would know. If you are in doubt, just call our contact centre on 0203 451 2690. Thanks for your caution.