Bank on big-city living with a last-minute getaway to Dubai.

Luxury on tap

You probably couldn’t pick a better spot for a last-minute break – Dubai has everything you need in its locker, so you’ll want for nothing. The hotels are cut from a swanky cloth, eating and drinking options are varied enough for even the fussiest folk, and there are mega malls where you can count on collecting anything you’ve forgotten to lob in the suitcase.

Planning optional

While some destinations might need a bit of research to find the first-class attractions, Dubai’s a bit of a different proposition. Even if you’ve swooped over on a whim, the scale of things makes it impossible to miss the must-sees. The towering Burj Khalifa is always somewhere in your vision, the plumes of water from the Dubai Fountain shine bright after dark, and the fleet of yachts at the marina is hardly a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it thing.

Outside the city

With most hotels taking you closer to the clouds than the ground, you’ll soon spy the desert dunes that roll into the distance around Dubai’s city limits. If you fancy a break from the city’s glam lifestyle, head out for rip-roaring buggy safaris, kayaking trips through tangled mangroves and camel rides that plod across the sand.

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